A Match of Two Half’s

Perial was the original pure soul, the one shining light that deserved saving and from her belief in such things she ultimately saved the whole world from the darkness of demons, God said that all the rest of the villagers, indeed the entire world, were wicked and that they deserved each other and all that they got… pain and punishment. But they were also forgiven and so they survived to witness the new dawn of the new moonrise on the new land and became the four corners future inhabitants, and Perial the Good must have done so as well. Perhaps she followed him and journeyed to Atur? but no, he left her behind to walk his path alone.

After the events in Atur, Perial the Good was renowned and famous in the world long enough for the new priests he created to indoctrinate her name into their holy books at the very least. But was the mother of God also declared as head of the new church? …No! That sounds very wrong, ‘A Pontifex Always Ranks Under a Queen!’ after all, and it was Selitos One -Eye and his church amyr who were turning that particular wheel. But Lady Perial still remains the single most important and significant person in modern history, blessed by god and, more significantly, the one person in the whole world that wasn’t struck by down by iron or had her original longname changed into something new that it was not before. Everyone else in the world suffered that fate, everyone except her, which would make her a bit different from all the others who were saved, a bit special. In reality, this also makes her the matriarch of the oldest bloodline in creation, one last surviving name from of the time and blood of the Ergen empire. A name that was above reproach, never banished, forgotten, ‘cut away’ or remotely challenged in her position of ‘mother of the race that died’…perhaps. Older than the King of Modeg. Older than the king of Vint. Older than Heldred of the nomad Cealdim… Older than Tehlu! The most important woman in the FOur Corners. The only one whose heart was pure enough to matter to Aleph. Her blood bought the son that saved the world and brought the flood, the blood of kings is nothing compared to that of her line. Lady Perial was one the the original inhabitant’s of the most important village in history, the place where fresh hope began once more. All of man and demon kind began following their new choice of path from right outside her front door.

This is where Aleph drew a line in the dirt of the road and all the paths in the new world began from her front doorstep which names her village as the most important and the earliest place in modern history, aka Tinuë. Ancient Tinue was itself once part of the Lackless estates, which puts Perial’s bloodline in some very old company indeed. Of course as far as records can tell, the oldest Family name was then spelt Loeclos (not Loëclos!) and their line was based around the mysteries found on their own doorstep. Their family door we have established as being at one end of the Old Stone Road, found on the oldest parts of their ancestral land, And it doesn’t take a lot of thinking to suggest that both of these doors are in all actuality, one and the same thing.

The Mother of the purest Ergen bloodline in the four corners began her tale in the corner of the world that would became known as Tinuë, the one last hope for all of mankind, a place the start afresh, a place where the waystones directed everyone else to gather safely whilst the Wrath of God walked the land and did his ironwork upon the demons. Perial was the founding member of the first house dynasty in the new age of the Four Corners of Civilization, of which much is remembered but even more is forgotten, most of it deliberately, but founding a dynasty would require her to have a husband, and I bet you a jot that her married name was to become the FirstLady Perial Loeclos of Tinusa, aka Lady Lackless of the ‘Seven things has Lady Lackless’ song.

According to that bundle of tangles, Lady Lackless did indeed a husband, in fact that song tells us more about him than it does her! But who could possibly match up to being a worthy king to the Queen of the Free World?

The Only person who could come close to matching Perial in the saving the world stakes would be the One who offered a beacon of hope in the first place by remembering the Lethani and saving the seventh city from the actions of Lanre and his followers. Only through their actions was total global catastrophe averted and this one last beacon of hope gave Perial a place to stand as she bargained with God to give the world a second chance.

Seven cities and one city makes Eight and 7/8ths of the land has fallen to darkness and despair. This last remaining 1/8 would be the lands controlled by the revered Lord of the last remaining city of Ergen who alone out of all the city lords defied and denied Lanre his total victory. Between them both they would constitute the accumulation of all that was good in the land and therefore the most logical of choices for hailing to be as king and queen. A union to unite the land under the protection of the Last Lord of Eregen and the First Lady of Temerant.

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