Lunar Ticks

‘What is the Synodic period. Of the moon? 72 1/3 days give or take an L.’

If this number fluctuates, and it does, then this is not a perfect number!! wonderful. The moon is broken too! This must then be the other part of our L-fraction and we shall begin to mark this reciprocal Lunar L as Lu instead to avoid confusion. Our broken binding can now be seen to take the shape Lu/L, or maybe L/Lu…depending on which way things turn… Complicated.

That 1/3Lu looks very suspicious and is just asking for trouble, lets treble it out of the way for now and turn it into a proper number the easy way and then we can look at things from a wider perspective. Three thirds =1, add three 72’s=216, (and all the Lu bits) = 217Lu in total, WoW! lucky numbers everywhere! To the naked eye, three full moons looks just like 21 and 7 written next to each other. {give or take a Lu}

On a finer scale of things, the mauthern pot shows us three of the moons individual phases too.

There was one with no face, just a hood with nothing inside. There was a mirror by his feet and there were a bunch of moons over him. You know, Full moon, half moon, sliver moon.’


‘Over his head were three moons. A full moon, a half moon, and one that was just a crescent.

Whichever scale you care to use for counting the moons phases is immaterial as this depiction is of the starting point of a full moon, the half way point and, whilst not the very final part, the last bit you see before the dark of a moonless night comes knocking. This is, of course, is only half of the synodic period… the waning half, she still has to wax her way back around to full moon again, a journey which would all be reflected in the mirror at Haliax’ feet. This gives us a mauthern pot scale of 36Lu to turn us from light to dark. In a properly working year this would give us ten mauthern pots worth of whole moon phases, five silver and five black, both running concurrently in a fully repeated signature Full, Waning, Dark, Waxing, Full, etc, etc. But then again, if everything worked as it should then the moon would always be full all of the time and so you would never see anything wrong with her that needed any tinkering in the first place.

The last round of a TFC is silver, the same colour as moonbrightlight, and so I need to open up the black iron box about the moon now and see what’s in there. This is very fiddley work, but it needs doing to make a trilogy in Pi parts. Everything Ludis then. And the numbers don’t really dance together…yet. Anything is possible though. It’s Moondance time. It’s all about the Ball and the Cup.


Dancing numbers then. E’lir Basil’s research into the Yllish lunar calendar reveals it to be, quite frankly, a knotted mess. To untangle the problem we need to find the loose ends to find out where it broke in the first place. First off, from what we are told, the moon used to work perfectly well, always full and round and unchanging in the mortal sky… but now she doesnt do that anymore, something is now making her wax and wane where she never used to wobble before.

We are told that there are 359L days in a Physical year with the moons Synodic period lasting 72Lu days. So lets make L=1/1 and Lu =1/0 at the different ends of the problem and see what we get.

360/72 = 5. That is where the break in our silver wheel is right there. She is meant to dance in a perfect Pentagon, doing the five step moondance in a circle of Fifths, but there is now an L-Error in the way which now stops her from rolling round and around seamlessly as she did before, something is making her miss a beat every now and then, something is causing her to mistep her dance, creating a slight flaw in her footwork , a Lagrangian trip you could say, a trip which is always leaving her just a little bit off balance, always putting her one imperfect step away from dancing her pentacle to perfection… and things never used to be like that.

SO, having identified the fault, we know where to look as all the other working part phases are now immaterial. We need to focus on the two broken ends of things, that’s where the problem lies.

Of course, 360L does a similar kind of numbering job in our daily life, we split things up into 360º to divide a circle, although the pentagonal moondance here would imply she needs 540º to dance her thing properly, and that’s half as many degrees again as we have to play with in the four corners. My own triangle work is operating at 180º, or half as many as is needed in the other direction which in itself gives us a new triangular gear link between all three shapes, and although it might appear at first glance to be regular, it isn’t, it’s technically a scaLene triangle. This triangle cannot be equilateral because of the L/Lu-Factor. Every time we come round to landing that imperfect final 359Lstep, L/Lu is the bit that keeps things wobbling like a loose tooth. Of course if L and Lu both =1 all the time then the pieces would mesh perfectly and we wouldn’t have a problem, but they don’t. LLu. Ever! Such is the way of things. This, is the Broken Binding.

Ball Bearings

The overall balance has been upset somewhere, some little bit of broken tooth is stopping the cogs from turning and meshing as they should and the problem occurs in the space that comes after the end of things and also before the start of them. Within that bit of things where Rethe went, that place that Auri knows of and the master Mandrag doesn’t. The name of this break is ‘nothing’ because at the moment ‘nothing makes sense’. A better name for this break would be infinity, which has it’s own shape (which I can’t find on this silly computer…but looks like a figure 8 on it’s side… like a pair of Zer0’s kissing 0~0), and it is what comes after Omega, or Ω and before Alpha (A). Zero marks the break in the moons infinite, bi-circular dance and is therefore also symbolic of the break in a broken road. It is a hole in the light where the dark gets in and at the same time it is a hole in the dark where the light gets in. It is the end of things and also the start of things and can perhaps best written down as the null zero or Ø and it’s place in the world is as far away from its neighbours Ω and One as you can get, despite it’s place in the wheel being right next door to them both at all times. You could say that Ø always lives in Ωne’s shadow and if perfect Ωneness is the sum of all things put together, then perfect Ø is what you get if you take all these things away again. These ‘things’ I speak of here are the names of all things as given to them by Aleph, who is the man who built the machine in the first place. All the names in the world have two sides here, and all of these bindings were tied together in their proper place and which were later put into forging Tehlu’s iron wheel, which , like Auri’s Fulcrum , was circular in shape but which had none of the biting teeth around it’s own edge to help it turn, these teeth were all on the inside instead. Tehlu’s wheel was still perfect (gotaL/Lu) but acted like the darkside of the moon;s brightness. Still, all wheels are made for turning…that is their function. This black wheel ought to have a longname, but it was so terrible that none could speak it, making it’s name… nameless. Which makes it all the Cthaeh’s fault.

‘Iax spoke to the Chtaeh before he stole the moon, and that sparked the whole creation war. Lanre spoke to the Cthaeh before he orchestrated the betrayal of Myr Tariniel. The creation of the Nameless. The Scaendyne. They can all be traced back to the Cthaeh.’

Unspoken stories then, unspoken secrets about Aleph, Cthaeh and the Moon. Here we go again, the usual suspects but now there is a new player. Jax and Iax are causing trouble at t’ mill.

In the old days, before Ø ever existed, things ran like clockwork 1,2,3… 98,99,100 then back around to One again, all the littl 0’s had a proper partner, like 20, 30, 40 etc , and all this ran like clockwork until something broke, the wheels fell off and we could no longer fit this larger shaped number 100 with its double 00 onto the simple scale of such things. Three digits were simply too much for our two digit dials to cope with and all three parts of hundred’s longname, the 1 and the double 00’s, all became squished together into one combined shape, overwriting themselves like (think Buttle and Tuttle) into a new previously unnamed character which. Φ. The Nameless.

The Musical Box

Pat has presented us with a broken wheel which was once ten teeth round and Auri names it Fulcrum, which is it’s proper name as it sings it to her like her own new name does. Auri is very good at naming things properly and if we are also meant to be singing in tune with our dancing moon around and around in a circle of Fifths then lets assume, for our purppses, that Nine-Tooth-Fulcrum the now broken cog wheel was once part of a musical box whose task was reading a rotating musical key-card like a player-piano does.

Once upon a time Fulcrum was perfectly happy in his job. His ten teeth worked in harmony within the paper roll in the music machine that he was part of and everything ran smooothely. This is only a tithe part of our full TFC scaling but it will make a good scale model for comparison. We shall number all the original teeth on Fulcrum One to Ten and give an Alpha-Beta style badge to the holes that they are designed to interact with. Ten notes of the music machine are being played for each of the Ten teeth and the Ten holes as each part of the binding finds its proper partner. A~1, B~2 C~3 etc. until we get to I~9 and finally J~10. This is the song it is meant to play and after the tenth J note everything Used to roll back to the beginning again and the song began all over with A1. It played a ten point scale from A to J but then, something went wrong and one of Fulcrum’s teeth snapped off. We don’t know which one, but it marked the end of the end of the song, and we have call it something, so let us choose somewhere between I(ax) and J(ax) which seems the most likely place for things to go bang. This break causes an accident and broken I or J will no longer bite into their proper hole… and so the machine goes BANG!

A few scenarios could now happen since we do not know the exact nature of the machine. (Roman numerals may help (or hinder!) our numbering in this instance instead of our modern numbers.)

Scene I. The song just skips a beat. The Broken Road Theory

If the Xhole where J should have landed must be filled before continuation is possible, then holeX will wait patiently in position until it is succesfully validated and a necessary binding is made, this happens in a tick and X gets picked up not, as expected by J, but by A instead, to make AX but following this broken pattern will cause next in line I to wrongly pair with B and II~C…etc

These bindings simply don’t fit into their allotted shapes in the world as just like in all numbering, modern or ancient, two into one don’t go! A(10) squeezes its new unexpected three part shape into a weird two part diphthong Aɸ and the key has turned sad and so the man in charge stops the machine. Unlucky J has clearly broken off and fallen away somewhere to the place where all the broken things go and sad J can only sit there watching as oblivious A comes along and takes his Xhole away. But only if the music was playing forwards. If the wheels turn widdershins then I gets involved instead creating IX, not IIX. Jilted J is now only half a broken binding with a broken heart and thus can be crossed out from the upper levels of things and consigned down among the lower cases on the broken road to the broken house where all broken things go with his new name~ jx.

Scene II The song just keeps playing but now with different partners. The Creation War Theory

If the dancing used to run A1,B2,C3… it would now run backwards one step every time it passes and we would get I9,(jx),Aɸ,b1,c2… and all the pieces would sound sour without their proper tunings. On the next rotation everything would swap further apart and break into ,h9,iɸ,(jx), A1 again b2…and so on and so on with the universe descending into utter Cthaehos. This would have the effect of turning a repetetive 10scale into an endless rocking9beat which, discordantly, breaks everything apart, but that’s how it 9rolls, baby.

Scene III. The Machine Stops. The Slow Regard of Silent Things Theory.

This is the most likely scenario where someone has to go all the way down to the underthing of things to replace the broken cog, leaving footprints in the dusty floor of his TenancE to show his passing. After he replaces the piece anew, he then drops broken Fulcrum into the water below the part of the underthing that Auri calls The Twelve (or Yellow Twelve by day, or Grey Twelve by night) for her to find and tell us all about in Srost.

Scenario П …In a parallel universe, i.e Mine, The repair man in question may well have picked out the broken Jtooth from the broken bits box and also removed broken Fulcrum from it’s axel and taken them both away to have a bit of a tinker with.

If he somehow welded it back onto poor Fulcrum and then replaced the patched cog back in position again then things should all work as before. But this was clearly not the case, the moondance is now clearly broken and so is her song. Aɸ has been created and you cannot turn back the clockwork and unplay it again, done is done. Resetting the music machine back to it’s proper place is not an option. The tinker man may be forced, by fate, to leave the newly bonded A &10 to be together forever as Aɸ and the machine will now play on with a change of key. Aɸ b1 c2 …i8 jx9 and back to Aɸ again. And thus a cosmic shift in the shape of the world has occurred.

So the question is, should it be A or I or jx who bonds with ɸ? Who gets to dance with the A-hole? And what was Auri’s three toothed black key on the buckled belt all about?

You probably need to make a lot of scribbles now to get a better picture of such silent things.

Oh shit, here we go again. Hold onto your hats.

Disrailleur Gea’s

So. the problem here is that the ten cog has lost a tooth and has become Fulcrum9 instead. Ignore the broken tooth, its buggered. The solution I recommend is to build another wheel (one with six spokes) and bind it to fulcrum with a three part binding to create an artificial plate needed for the machine to have enough runway for the moondance to step around the break. It needs must become heavier on one side as so it will have to lean over a bit, that’s gravity for you, and five normal steps isn’t going to cut it anymore, she needs to hop off and on again to compensate for the little wobble and maybe also dance a bit of a pirouette now and then. Six and three and nine always work well together in all sorts of ways and these new moves will help give Ludis the steps needed to dance again, just with different steps. Soon she will be rolling around the sky soon enough in her new dance with nary a trip, rolling infinitely onwards until the Aleu fall from the sky…again.

This is where Teh-lu comes into things.

Teh is the sygaldry for Lock and it’s natural partner is Gea which means Key.

In order to restart the machine when the Gea’s have Locked, you need to turn Teh Key.

Teh is locked in the Lu position creating Tehlu, and Tehlu is both the problem and the answer.

Lu, is of course our piece of the moonbrightlight that we isolated earlier, leaving L to be the exact opposite moondarknight. These names are, of course, their proper Longnames in the world, their calling names are much easier to remember, L is commonly called Lanre, and Lu is called Lyra.

This gives us the differential equation L/Lu as the difference between light and shadow…………….. well, the shadow part fits Lanre anyway, so who else would be the Light of his Life?

We are making an assumption here that is getting closer and closer to proof without ever quite getting there…probably because they dont just have a three part name, they share a Pi part too, a normal binding has been replaced with an infinity drive to bypass the old broken binding. (jx)

Get that? No 🙁

oh well, that’s why we can’t prove nonexistance… but you can’t rove existence either but you may still know enough to bet on the outcome.

The church frowns on gambling though, and it’s their roulette wheel and it’s their ball bearing. Powered by angels. Run by amyr. Made by Aleph….or was that Tehlu? Oh Gawd.

The π-ed piper

And so we relise the problem. This road wants to take us off following the piper at the gates of dawn, but I could dig deeper and deeper here and never reach the bottom of things. All hole is one hole indeed. I’m not going there today, Absolute refusal. Opening up TehLu’s name would mean introducing FeLurian and Ludis into the mix and we are engineers today, not poets. Later, perhaps, when I’ve got this thing going again. Let’s wind things up.

The wheel of the moon has fallen into the hole where she usually dances and stopped. Without the power of kinetics (the binding of capacatorial kinetic luminosity?) her light has gone out leaving us in a moonless night situation. Another name for this time is the Demon Daze. There may possibly be one silver sliver left, just enough to see by, just enough to give a tiny ray of hope and keep the door slightly ajar, but the door is mostly shut with only a few folk are thinking outside of the box. Ludis has left the building and everyone is in the dark about what to do next.

Time passes..as it may or may not do without an illuminated dial to read, until along comes Aleph.

Aleph is the man who turns the handle. This is his machine. He eventually goes down to tinker with it and comes up with a plan. Bolt a running wheel to the track so that every time we get to the break in the circle, the moon, which cannot step over the offending hole, steps around it instead using a brand new dance step incorporating some Vaults between the two circles, on and off of the running wheel in order to complete the dance. Of course, vaults are risky manouvers sometimes, even Auri won’t risk Vaults on the wrong day, but with a six spoke wheel for power it is really only on the seventh verse that disaster might strike… just like lightning from a clear blue sky, so to speak, But beware. Chaen Van Edan Kote. Expect disaster every seven years. You can take that as read.

And Tangle the Great said BREAK! And the wheel broke.

Bodgit & Scarper ( at sixes and sevens.)

Well, I’ve had a look, and it’s a shoddy old job they’ve fobbed you off with but the old ones are the best and they are the ones worth saving. She won’t be perfect, But I might be able to get her going again , there’s not much I can do about that wobble. You see the problem is that to for the moon to dance perfectly around the wheel she needs to keep up a ratio of steps per circuit. On this ere broken fulcrum that would mean a ratio of 10~2 (or 5~1) but five is an ODD number which means that it doesn’t fit in these even numbered teeth, and with one tooth missing, instead of rolling 2,4,6,8,10 he keeps on slipping in that hole and instead of landing that last step on a perfect ten, she slips and skids and ends up on Even numbered 1 instead. Then we get a new dance of 1,3,5,7 before she slips again and stumbles back into 10,2,4,6,8, and then another … 1,3,5,7 etc etc so factoring that up onto the big wheel means that whilst it does still take 72 to go around, half of these steps are going to be on the Black keys, 36 of each per cycle. You follow? No? Well that’s why I’m here.

I can’t mend this broken fulcrum perfectly, but I might be able to bodge it.

Now, I’ve had a look in my box of bits and I’m right out of ten cogs. But I do have this ere Atur6 spoker and if we can somehow fix it up alongside the 10 then every time it rolls six times we will have a perfect square to tally with our problem 36. simples!

Of course, that will engender another problem that 36 isn’t a lucky number for her ladyship and it will mean that every seventh time she does her five step silver dance she will have to make an extra little side step to get over the line onto this ere black wheel ! You follow? NO??

OK. the gaps on fulcrum are too big for her ladyship to jump the hole, that’s where she got stuck in the first place, but using this ere running wheel we can decimate the problem down to a finer scale of things and she can dance away to her hearts content for six full orbits before we get to the the real danger zone. She will have to do a little Pirouette for a step whilst it all catches up with itself. Any impending disaster will therefore only ever occur during the seventh roll ot the dice. Chan Vaen edan Kote. As they say in Siaru.

You don’t speak Siaru? Well it’s an old saying and true enough, all about translation, you see. These four words (Chan Vaen edan Kote) comes across as Expect Disaster Every Seven Years. Which Ought to be one word each… but 4 is not 5 in much the same way that six is not seven. It’s all very simple when you have the key.

Let me explain…Slowly…Silence!…Regardez vous la

You have 359 days and a broken one and you want to put them into 72 equal piles. Well you can’t. And that’s where the problem is. At the same time you have 197 and a bit things in two unequal piles, 99 and 98 and all that sort of works with this ere broken Fulcrum and it’s nine good teeth as it will play at a much finer scale of 22 rotations before it goes bang. I blame the idiot who decided they could run a system like this using 22/7. bloody Imperialists. Give me a nice metric scale any day. IF I could mend that final broken binding then I Might be/Should be able to get her up and running again… but I warn you now, it will wobble a bit, and getting deep down inside of things to do the actual repairs thems-elf is fiddley work and won’t be cheap, I’ll need gold for the inlay work and that’s gonna cost. and I’ll need three different pennies for the gubbins. But even if you were as rich as Kreosote, and I could make myself as small as small enough to fit in side the gizmo to do the gea work in the first place, well, you see it can still only be done from the inside! which means that in order to finish the job completely, I would end up stuck on the inside myself as I closed the last binding shut. I’d be stuck inside mes-elf behind the last bloody lock that I was trying to close, you see?? NO!!! I’m sorry luv, but I didn’t get where I am today by making a habit of painting myself into a corner.

Now! What I Can do is to take this ere fulcrum9 and, if you look very closely at the pictures in Srost, you will see that not only does it have three spokes, but there are also three little holes ready made for the job, if I’m not mistaken, perfect way to split a nine is a three and they both like six…He’s a bit of a basher you know, a nice little menage-a-soixante-neuf all bound up nicely like ying and yang Three pennies, Six Spokes, Nine Teeth. Or rather this ere six spoke wheel wot I showed you earlier and three pennypins, One iron, One silver and one of Copper to make it all fizz properly. Then we’ll be right as ninepence. Then the two wheels will be stuck fast and be able to spin together every which way as neat as neat.

Copper? OH! That’s just part of the magic, and you know nothing about magic.

Of course what this means is that from now on, the extra weight on one side will set the tracking out and the mOΦnlight will probably fluctuate in and out a bit but that’s to be expected with these older machines, The new tracking will mean that instead of every fifth step taking her ladyship straight into that there broken silver hole again, she can sidestep onto the safety black6wheel next door, do a little πrouette, and then with nary a trip twixt cup and lip she can hop back again and continuë on her merry wanderings… or travellings, I should say. Of course, it would mean a couple more steps for balancing purposes but thats no problem to a circle because that will still keep her on an even keel and counterbalance the line back out of the shadows again. Seven dancing with five gives you 35 which might be a bit of a problem, when you need to make that six squared hop but then nothing is perfect in an imperfect world. That’s the best I can do for the old girl, but it should do the trick… and it comes with my red light guarantee. Valid until my red tail lights disappear around the corner. Just watch out you dont trip whilst you roll six sixers or you will find yourself at sixes and sevens.

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