The Weakest Link

TInto the Fire

Aleph knew the names of all things and in this he is equally matched with the Cthaeh. Using their current earthly shapes, Menda and Haliax, they shall battle for supremacy using all of the most powerful weapons there are, the names of all things, and the various powers over all of these names will be bought to bear as each Aleu’s individual Alar seek to wrest control over the other. Being equal they will therefore perfectly cancel each other out, although the Cthaeh’s fleshy tool Haliax is also holding a second binding upon what is left of Lanre at the same time.

Naming cannot be taught teaches Elodin, but he does admit that once naming has been experienced then it will become more familiar, the sleeping mind is not sleeping so soundly anymore and return visits will become easier. Furthermore, once you learn the trick then other names should follow easier too. Lanre has once had experience in speaking names himself as during his betrayal he was heard to speak the names Aeruh and Silanxi, and thus he has a memory of them and their shape in the world and technically he should be called Re’lar Lan’re. Since Lanre has a perfect memory it is true to say that he can never ever forget this naming knowledge because of the rule of Teccam’s third door. Therefore, he could have a part to play in the up and coming battle between the Aleu’s opposing alar, which is about to be settled once and for all and there is a third player to consider. His naming prowess may not be very good but he knows How to see them which is a start, and if he has the courage to attack his chains at the right time then he may just possibly be able to distract his tormentor and tip the scales of the perfect balance between light and dark from one side to the other. Being only an immortal man and not a god he was always going to be the weakest link.

Saying that this is the first chance for freedom that has ever come his way would be wrong. Technically it is the second since his first was the opportunity he had to destroy all of the cities of man in one fell swoop, destroying the world in the process and thus ensuring that there would be nothing left for the real enemy to then have dominion over. Lanre was attempting global self destruct rather than risk capture by the enemy. This was his own plan once to avoid the inevitable coming darkness so that the innocent people wouldn’t have to suffer through the demon daze to come. The ones that died that night he considered to be the lucky ones. He knew that he had failed and that the darkness of a long cold winter was coming to have it’s sport with the survivors of his attempt to euthanise whatever was left of his beloved land.

This world is like a friend with a mortal wound, A bitter draught given quickly only eases pain.’

Yet against all the odds, he has been given another chance to break the binding link that he has with his master and to finally bring to an end the long days of darkness which the world has endured beneath his own forced hand. If his belief can prove strong enough to break the chains that bind him to his darkmaster then he could still repent and cross to Lord Tehlu’s side of the path and thus enable a shift in the cosmic balance of power in the world away from the darkness and back towards the light again.

This is getting very close to the point where I am going to have to start actively making shit up. A new story needs telling now, one as yet untold and therefore completely groundless for tinfoil purposes. However my alar is strong as oak and I believe that whilst we may appear to be a bit lost in the woods, mine is the right choice of path. If you can find a neater way to tie all of these strings together, feel free to voice your opinions, but following these threads have led us well enough so far and we are about to pass through the very eye of the needle.


How he came to be in this fix in the first place is very tricky it’s a bit like how you would go about trying to build a dragon… a part that will come along when it’s time is right, but some things are easier with hindsight so, for now, just accept that it has happened and Lanre’s light is currently being hidden under a bushel, chained to the dark desire of the cthaeh in the mortal form of Haliax.

Haliax Major has so far been holding control of the link firmly in his grasp but now he has a more worthy opponent attacking him in the form of the wheel of Aleph. This is a wheel of trueiron, forged by the hand of a God who can change the names of all things to suit his own desire as he did to all the people of the world when they made their choice of path. He has forged this wheel to be of true iron and by it’s very nature it rejects everything that is falseiron and the two are when bought together their very names are now acting to tear each other apart but are at the same time being drawn together in a bond as tighter than sygaldry. The lesser part of this power I shall call Lanre Minor, and his chance has come to show his true colours. If he can demonstrate his understanding of the lethani now and rouse himself back to the man he once was then he might just be able to place himself in a position to seize control the situation he is in. The adem tell us of the lethani that..

‘first you must gain control of your self, then your surroundings, then your opponent.’

Lanre’s surroundings were his haubergeon of black denatured iron dragon scales. Organic iron. Denatured iron. False iron, This is what makes up his own prison and the key to freedom is held firmly by the alar of his jailor. If he can somehow find the strength and manage to break out right now, whilst his jailor is coming under attack from all sides, then he can make his escape. The mail shirt he wears is like his his manacles now, shaped by the name of falseiron itself. The fire and trueiron wheel are weakening Haliax Major’s own strength and Lanre’s power always did always lie in his strength of his arm, he was always the brawn, but now he needs to outfight the brains. Like Kvothe and Felurian did battle in the fae, he too pitched his will against his oppressor and fought back with everything he had. Now it was the demon who was stretched, the iron and fire were doing terrible things to them both but Lanre doesn’t care about a horrible death, he knows that he cannot truly die and even if he could it would come as a blessed release and that thought is his one true desire. The fire might burn but it is only pain after all, his whole life has been a sea of pain since he died for the first time and he redoubles his efforts and suddenly,Major Haliax is now terrified. He knows that it the link between them breaks then he shall be alone with the wrath of Aleph and we know how that works out already. This seed of doubt is just enough, it only takes the merest hint of doubt in your alar that it may not work this time and your control over the link is broken.

Kvothe duels with Fenton in adept sympathy in a battle of will’s where we learn about the different strengh apparent in two alars and Kvothe dug deepest into his reserves to win. Devi’s alar is described as ‘a sea in storm’, something that all wise men fear. She say’s that she could even overpower a gram or take you whilst she was asleep. She is more powerful than Master Dal, but if she didn’t have the strength to believe in her own alar herself, to trust utterly that what she desired was going to come true, riding crop belief as Ben put’s it, belief something to be true with a faith stronger than God!…then she would fail.

Felurian frowned when she started to realise that Kvothe had a hidden strength of his own and that she was up against a real fighter here, one who might possibly be stronger than herself, and that moment of self doubt was the beginning of the end in that contest. The telling blow comes when Kvothe breaks through her defences and sings the lines of her own long name back against her

‘I sang them tight and white and hard as iron. And at the sound of them, I felt her power shake then shatter, leaving nothing in the empty air but ache and anger.

Out of the frying pan

When Lanre overcame Haliax his resistance needed to be tight and white and hard as iron too. The Iron wheel weighed as much as forty men and was cold to the touch. It was forged by God to bind the darkness to, but we don’t hear much about the chains that bound him.

‘Tehlu chained him tightly to the wheel, hammering the links together, sealing them tighter than any lock.’

Thus Encanis was held within a binding of iron, which was bad enough, but soon he was assaulted by the fire as well, and that was when he began to panic a bit. And that is when Lanre struck.

‘Encanis screamed and even as his skin began to smoke and char, his face was still hidden in a shadow that rose from him like a tongue of darkening flame…[Lanre] strained against the chains that held him to the wheel, and it seemed that he would strain until his muscles tore from bone and sinew both.’

The fight is joined and the struggle is now real, and it is coming down to mind over matter. Lanre Minor is making his tiny presence felt. He is resisting with all the power in his strong right arm, he will resist the dark compulsion that Haliax Major has placed upon him and will declare himself for the light, What he is doing is extremely dangerful, the slippage alone would be enough to tear his arm from the body entire, but that doesn’t bother him any more, he is determined to escape the pit. ‘As above so below’ is his desire and he is absolute in his desire. The tiny spark of light that has been hidden for so long burst into light and is witnessed rising from the body stretched up as a ‘tongue of darkening flame’ This is the moment of truth, the breaking point, and thus it came to pass that Lord Lanre overpowered his inner demons and broke free from his chains of darkness.

‘There was a sharp sound like a bell breaking and the demons arm jerked free of the wheel… The only sound was the sudden, wild laughter of Encanis, like breaking glass.’

I don’t know everything, but I do know where laughter comes from, the same place as the lethani does which I take as a good sign, Within the combined form of Encanis, the direction may have been dictated by the will of the demon, but the strength was supplied by Lanre.Left hand clever, Right arm strong. This arm should not have strong enough to free itself, yet it did. Everything dark inside Haliax is pinned to the iron wheel by a binding of blackiron. Lanre’s resistance has overwhelmed his jailor’s alar through his own show of strength and in doing so he has truthfully declared his own choice of the path offered to all by Lord Tehlu who was standing above watching.

‘Links of chain, now glowing red from the heat of the fire, flew upward to land at the feet of those who stood above…In a moment the demons second hand was free but before he could do more, Tehlu flung himself into the pit and landed with such force that the iron rang with it.’

And so Lanre is finally Free! he has broken the compulsion of the falseiron that bound him to darkness and has crossed into the light that falls on Tehlu’s side of the path. He has broken through Alephs binding of trueiron and like two tag-team wrestlers, he has made it to the outside of the ring and now it is time for the Lord of light himself to take over before the demon can follow him in his escape. Aleph jumped into the ring and the iron rang again, the broken binding was reapplied by the name of god himself and the fire was allowed to finish the job below and to banish the demon forever from the face of the land, and we all know how that part of the story ended up.

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