String Theory

Interlude ~ String Theory

A normal string tapestry is created from Warp and Weft, and by the standard design, it would usually be square. But this Tapestree is round as a wheel, and it wants to turn. A wheel has its warp spokes radiating from the hub and an iron rim, but to connect them all together in this story, the weft needs to thread itself between the spokes, under and over in one long continuously concentric spiralling string circle, passing through all the other string spokes or Warps in turn. It will run from the outer rim to the inner hub where all things get knotted. The string weft that is ‘The road to Tinuë’ could be thought of in the same way the Faen realm is described elsewhere, as a series of tracks on one side of an LP record, and there is a pin in the centre where the run off groove fails and thus where all the songs end. This is like the hub of the wheel where the friction is the hottest. In the Fae this it is where to find the Cthaeh but on the B-side of the record is the song of Aleph.

The hole where the light gets through is the cardinal point between all things which I shall mark ɸ

Q. How far can a bear run into the woods?? A. Half way, after that it is running out again

And this is the shape of things to come.

Our strings so far have different properties, there are two kinds of string involved in the final net. Spoke strings anchor the whole through the centre in a star shape from one side to the other, and the Groove line affects each different intersection on its long path towards ɸ. The Amyr spoke for example, was only created at ɸ and evolved outwards from there, and the spoke leading in towards it on the opposite side is that of Selitos who came before. Somewhere en route they will both touch the long spiral string groove which cuts across them both which makes the music jump occasionally. And at the middle of this web of knots and strings where everything spins together sit our spiders, the gods of the web, the tinkerers of space and time, one for each side of the whole, One playing, the other waiting and each has a very different taste in music. Our play Daemonica centres around ɸ too, the point where all of the different songs reach a crescendo

And being endlessly pulled and pushed around, like a bit of fluff trapped under the needle, is Lanre.

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