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So if Skarpi is still alive today, and Haliax is still around too then where is Selitos? Wondering about the true age of Selitos uncovers some evidence to suggest that Selitos may have already been Lord of Myr Tariniel for more years than is at first assumed, he may well have been a factor in it’s beginnings and been a player in the long war since day one. Skarpi is vague about the length of the creation war yet all the indications are that it was many, many years. If the unknown reason for which Chael shaped Saicere was to be carried in the creation war, a not unreasonable assumption, then thirty of it’s holders had died before the war’s defining battle. Lord Selitos had been a key player in the war with the enemy for at least as long as Lanre, indeed at their meeting, Lanre repeatedly calls him ‘old friend’ which may be a more telling description than at first glance.

Selitos curses Lanre ‘and all who follow him’ with his own blood, a doom to last ‘until the world ends and the aleu fall nameless from the sky.’ Yet we know Lanre is alone as the only man who cannot cross death’s door, even his powerful wife had to pass eventually. His Chandrian, however, are a different kettle of fish. They too have been witnessed in the present day, as tools in Haliax hand showing Selitos curse still holds strong. Holding a link between his own blood and this curse upon the Chandrian would almost certainly require a living, breathing Selitos to be still active in order for it to be enforced. Furthermore, if one had the power to do such a thing to others once, it could be eminently possible, if one had a strong enough alar, to hold a binding on a second group of people, the knights of his very own Order Amyr for example, in order that they may take up his struggle against the chandrian on equal terms. Otherwise we are talking of a scenario where a father passes the struggle to son, unbroken for generation upon generation with neither side ever claiming victory. The Amyr v the Chandrian has lasted 5000 years now and there are still as many chandrian now as their name suggests. Maybe he could even turn his vaunted powers upon himself, maybe that was unnecessary if he had already mastered the secrets of a long life? but even if he could not, his equally powerful acquaintance Aleph most certainly could. We have heard of him turning other Ruach into angels with a touch and by speaking their long names thus forever changing them into creatures of power. The number of original Amyr who stepped forward from among the Ruach is not given. I would suggest that it is a small number though, quite possibly a number similar or equal to that of the chandrian and/or the angels.

When Lanre bound Selitos on the mountainside he did so by speaking his true name, not his calling name, oh no, that would have had no effect. The name he used to bind Selitos was ‘Selitos’, a mistake here on the namers part perhaps, to walk about proudly wearing his true name for all to see instead of disguising himself beneath a common calling name. He is unlikely to have left himself so open twice, especially with the battle still raging, and so it is quite probable that an eternal Selitos would have assumed a new identity long since. If Selitos is still active in the world today, then he would have seen five thousand years of history. Think about that a bit, five thousand years ago in our timeline is the age of the first pyramids, whilst in England, a less evolved society was building stonehenge, a circle of greystones similar in design to our description of Faeriniel. Writing was only just being invented, construction was basic, yet the cities of the Ergen empire were cultural wonders, where namers walked the streets like tiny gods having absolute power over things like fire, water, wind and stone. The Great Stone Road whose age and construction are lost in the depths of time runs straight and true across the land, a feat of engineering that was almost certainly only made possible by employing the name of stone. Part of its length is the impressive bridge over the Omethi river. That it is still standing is testament to the strength of its individual stones and it’s clever design although the origins of its creation are long forgotten. The road doesn’t deviate at all, ruler straight (across the curvature of the world), it has stood for centuries and I am in little doubt that its builder deliberately followed the exact and correct course that led it unerringly to its desired ends.

We are further told that the current university stood on the ruins of a previous university, a second place of learning that would also have been deliberately located at the road’s terminus.

In Pats world, the first we hear of recorded history is still vague and comes from 2000 years ago with the nomad Cealds beginning to settle in their mountain conquest and starting to work with metal, eventually creating currency which established their place in the shape of the world. The very foundation of the current Lackless family, the Loeclos box is guessed at being from about 3000 years ago. Yllish story knots were being tied earlier that that, but what stories did they tell? and this was all before men started scratching pictograms on the skins of sheep. Sovoy’s bloodline goes back fifty generations, older than tree and stone, but not as far as that of the High King, the oldest royal lineage there is. The Adem have records from the time of drossen tor, but are now a secret and outcast race, no longer a part of the four corners. The Tehlin church is younger than any of these, maybe a thousand years old or so. Their history is riddled with conflicting reports as both kvothe in the archives, and Alveron in an actual Aturan mendary found out when looking for records concerning the mysterious knights of the Order Amyr, a name coined by Selitos himself in memory of his beloved city.

An eternal Selitos would have first hand knowledge of everything that has happened since the time of Lanre. Everything from the fall of Ergen through to the rise of the current status quo, led mainly by the Aturan empire and it’s lust for conquest. He was there to witness the origins of the Cealds, the history of the Yllish, the rise of the Modegans, and was alive when the Loeclos box was closed. He may even know why the Loeclos box was sealed in the first place and what it contains. Selitos would have been witness to the birth of nations. He has personally overseen five thousand years of human evolution and actively participated in it’s shaping through the Order Amyr. He was once the most powerful Lord in the world and in all the long years since, all of his works have been pushing towards one goal. He has one reason and one reason only for why he has orchestrated the current shape of the world, and one reason why he continues to do so.

To confound the plots of Lanre and all who follow him.

Nothing shall prevent him from attaining the greater good.

Ivare Enim Euge.

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