Secret Projekt

After five minutes on our own, Elodin encouraged us to work as a group.’

Ooooo-k, times are hard, I’ve reached a ceiling and feel that I can go no further… Not without a map at least This hobby of mine has reached the point where it needs to become a project. Why? You might well discover that answer along the way but as far as the KKC is concerned, because the world needs it.

There are About 77 ‘chapters’ written so far, and 9 &90 has become the finish line. The remaining 22 will have to draw everything towards some kind of conclusion, I have plans for some things but others are just blanked off. To make the story knots work all the different threads need to be woven together. But first we will need to isolate and examine them.

At the bottom of this page you will find the vaguest of story knots, my first draft at organising which pieces need to belong side by side in the same string. Many of the 77 will be maps or Tomes or such and these will hopefully give us some outer edges to work inwards from, but the central story knots about the various storylines will have many more edges to connect to and so sorting their correct orders out is  going to be the puzzle proper if we are to reveal the true shape of the world.

So, what can you do? Idk What can you do?

What I plan to do is to take a writing break to re-read them all again, twice if necessary, laugh, cringe, give up, try again, make notes, tick boxes, create lists, count hooks, grade them by content and sort them into piles. Number them up, note their appendages, arrange the bits that fit and pair them up into orders until they meet similar shapes. Find patterns and work in all directions available at once. Play with it. Bend it. Name it. Shape it. Keep going until the hole becomes more like a net under construction. Then stand back and see what we’ve really got to work with.

It would be nice to have some company. Want to come down the rabbit hole with me? Come find the Sekret Projekt discussion forum I shall start at The KKC whiteboard Reddit page. Matty Tangle.