The Cthaendrian.

Cthaeh says we should really call the chandrian the Seven instead and the Adem list names them as Cyphus, Stercus, Ferule, Usnea, Grey Dalcenti, Pale Alenta and the Lord of Seven himself, Alaxel whom we also know as Lord (Haliax/Lanre) …which actually gives us seven and a bit, give or take a Lanre. The mystery potential eighth chandrian member who remembered the lethani I strongly suspect as being Lord Illien of Tinusa and that each one of these city Lords or Ladies was fully expected to each betray their own city to the enemy on this fateful night, one city each.

‘Since not by strength could the enemy win he* moved like a worm in fruit. The enemy was not of the Lethani. He poisoned seven others against the empire and they forgot the Lethani. Six of them betrayed the cities that trusted them.

Now Lanre was also once the Lord of Belen, a city that trusted him above all others to keep them safe, indeed it is written of the seven cities original defences ‘…and so they put their trust in Lanre.’ but although this city also fell on the night of 1Æ, Lanre himself was not at home, he was at Myr Tariniel at the time distracting his old friend the Lord Selitos from his own civic duty. So who would he trust the most to betray his own beloved Belen? There is no mention of any heir or regent which leaves only one other name that would fill this position and that is his own wife, the Lady Lyra! But unfortunately for tinfoil purposes we are informed by Lanre that she is now dead…

It is my assessment that Haliax is the only serious candidate to be the leader of the pack and Lanre is just a tool in his hand.

In order for anyone to be in a position to betray any city, the original ‘chandrian to be’ must have all once held the power to do so in the first place, and power means Naming. The most powerful of all of the name knowing citzens was Selitos who ruled the one special city. The next seven powerful people on the list would have been the ruling Lord or Lady of each other individual city, Lyra included yet the only city whose ruler did not join in Lord Haliax masterplan personally was the empire’s top man Lord Selitos himself. If power is a ladder then this was a coup from the seventh power-rung upwards, although Lord Lanre of Belen did say ‘I hoped you would join me in what I aim to do’ when they were speaking after the event. And despite being the husband of powerful Lady Lyra of Belen (RIP) Lord Lanre was only a man who knew no names at all, unlike Lord Selitos and Lord Iax…. and Aleph of course.

If we assume for a while that this was the case then we would now expect the plan to be for the other Lords and Ladies to between them betray the other Cities which works out as one city each …give or take a Lanre.

The Monochrome Rainbow.

Which name goes with which city is not really that important since they fell long, long ago, although I might make a vague guess that the twin cities of Murilla and Murella are connected in other ways, like the two names Dalcenti and Alenta stand out as incomplete on our counter list, both have a small description added to their True names, namely Grey and Pale respectively. This marks these two as being slightly different to the rest, like our twin-cities also sound a little out of place on the other list. Now this may be because these cities are inexplicably linked, bridges across a river perhaps. Possibly these extra chandrian (7) words signify them both as being women! (Fair Geisa was a woman too) Perhaps all of the Seven have an overcast colour associated with them and when put all together the Seven will make up some sort of monochrome rainbow!! an image which Cinder would have his own black and white links to too… 50 shaeds of grey anyone? But like I said, it matters not at the moment about That, This is hard enough to drive without asking for any more trouble…. oh go on then. Lets get silly

Meddling with dark forces.

One clue that also sounds out of sync that we do have is in Marten’s tale of TTG who, after his escape, made his way up out of the caves beneath the castle of his enemy ‘Scyphus, the sorceror-king’ which brings us back to Old Cob’s mention of torches burning blue and therefore points directly to Cyphus who bears the blue flame.

Now on our list from the Adem, the names are given in an unknown order for an unknown reason. All we can really point out is that it is not alphabetical order. Cyphus is at the top and the same sort of thing happens when Skarpi gives us the names of the cities, there is no good reason why he begins with Belen. All I can think is that they are both remembered this way like Hespe’s story is which she says has a rhythm to it so that it always gets remembered the same way every time or rather the original way that these things were first listed back in 1Æ. When we list our names and places side by side we get our first guess that this unknown catalogue process is ordered thus for a specific reason.

It gives us parallel bindings

1/ Belen~Cyphus 2/ Antus~Stercus. 3Vaeret~Ferule…etc

but we have another crumb to add to the mix, Jacob Walker from the Waystone Inn firmly believes that chandrian ‘ain’t demons’ and that

‘They were the first six people to refuse Tehlu’s choice of the path, and he cursed them to wander the corners—‘

and that all correlates nicely to a line from Trapis who describes this scene better.

‘In the end, seven stayed on the other side of the line. Tehlu asked them three times if they would cross, and three times they refused. After the third asking Tehlu sprang across the line and he struck each of them with a great blow, driving them to the ground.

Which sounds about right, except for the small difference that 7 is not 6. But we aren’t finished yet.

‘But not all were men. When Tehlu struck the fourth, there was the sound of quenching iron and the smell of burning leather. For the fourth man had not been a man at all, but a demon wearing a man’s skin. When it was revealed, Tehlu grabbed the demon and broke it in his hands, cursing it’s name and sending it back to the outer darkness that is the home of it’s kind. The remaining three let themselves be struck down. None of them were demons though demons fled from the bodies of some who fell.


What was so special about number Four? This would be Tinusa on our other list, the city of hope, and if this was the one that ‘remembered the lethani’ then we should assign him the name Lord Loeclos. This would also split our 7 into a 6+1 and pulling a city from the list means that the final bindings are Emlen~Usnea which leaves the twin cities of Murilla and Murella as a double parallel binding link, like I dreampt up earlier, to Grey and Pale ~ Dalcenti and Alenta.

Now we are really cooking on gas… ;0)

Belen ~(S)Cyphus Bears the Blue Flame

Antus~Stercus is in Thrall of Iron

Vaeret~Ferule (Cinder) Chill and Dark of Eye

Tinusa ~ Loeclos (Illien)

Emlen~Usnea Lives in Nothing but Decay

Murilla/Ella ~(Grey) Dalcenti Never Speaks

Murella/Illa ~(Pale) Alenta Brings the Blight.

Myr Tariniel ~ Alaxel (Lord Haliax/Lanre) Bears the Shadow’s Hame.

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