Interlude~The Third Stone

Winter is here, happy new year. The road goes ever on and on and sometimes there are pot-holes. Boats and Vans and Cats and Snails are a full time job, but I couldn’t do this without them. XxxX.

The writing continues too and it’s probably time to start looking into the wonderful languages that Pat has given us. Etymology is a deep subject, but I like words and I like seeing how they are constructed, or rather de-constructed. Renfalques Dictum is unavailable at the moment, so this is Tangles Dictum  instead.

Thus the time has come for me to begin to pull all our strings together and start to work out a few knots. I hope to shed some light on a few nice connections buried amidst the inky page, audio fans really ought to get themselves a reading copy for spelling purposes, pronunciation has it’s uses but Words Are Important.

This is a difficult and complicated subject and not for everyone, El’the level at least, Third Stone level. I might stumble myself, who knows? I haven’t finished this yet and the past is full of shadows. But I can see in the dark pretty well sometimes and I’ll try and hold your hand as we walk deeper and deeper into the archives.

Matty, Snail, and the Mogs. xXx

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