Interlude ~ The Web

knitting a spiders web out of moonbeams and tinfoil is not an easy thing, sometimes I wonder whether it would have been easier to start at the middle and work outwards, but done is done, and it’s not so bad as that.

I am at a point between three worlds now, I’m very close to achieving pi, although the strings are all of different lengths and my web is still a bit tangled, but I can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. The stories of Tehlu and Encanis, of Lanre and Haliax, and of Tarsus and Taborlin are all becoming one and the same thing . Explaining this clearly is not easy, more tinkering is still necessary, I need to practice my nine-string knitting technique in three dimensions, and that will take a new approach. I have put a couple of rough pieces up so future me can see my own progress, the third is more like a list of repetitions, and there are quite a few dropped stitches in the whole cloth of the dream. space is deep.

A physical format should help, cutting and pasting with real paper and red ink is the way to go. It will take as long as it takes, but I don’t have anything more pressing to do. I did do a kvothe reread recently, remembering how these things all fit together once more in my own mind, and also attempting to draw a moon calendar (mission failed). Now it is time to catch up on my other favourite books and authors, Tad Williams is writing again and that will be reading for pleasure and life is better with some distractions,so maybe things will not take so long after all, watch this space, space is big

Tinker Pat came to town last week, London town, I wish I’d had a bit more warning since I was myself down South just a day or three beforehand and might have arranged to be there too… not that I would have known what to say to him if I had, I’d have probably invited him to come for a pint in the angel….maybe next time.

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