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‘So same can the humble thrush well know it’s north.’

The university campus is where most of our action takes place and so we must move back above ground now to draw a more useful map for new students to navigate by. Pat has already drawn his, and there is a tantalising fragment, deliberately cropped imho, available to see on the blackboard behind him in THIS early publicity photo. However, Pat enjoys a good laugh and the first thing that most folk would assume is that this map has North at the top. But it doesn’t. North is at the bottom!

The object of this exercise is to redraw the chalkmap and fill in the important but sadly lacking buildings of Mains, Mews and of the many chimbleyed Alchemists complex which they call the Crucible. This might get messy again at times but it should all come together eventually to form a satisfactory map if we just lay all the little clues out clearly into three piles so as to build up a fully interconnected university jigsaw.

One of the first clues we are given to orientate ourselves by is that Haven is found to the north, along a wide dirt road as Elodin takes us and then off into the fircone woods, where Kvothe later built a bonfire to test his gram. He also went here to practise his ketan. Another clue about Haven is provided by Auri in The Slow Regard of Silent Things.


‘She took the final piece of Mandrill more by memory than sight, stepping carefully until she stood behind the upright runoff grate that looked out onto nothing much except the bottom of a gully. Auri moved to stand next to the heavy bars. From there she saw the bulk of Haven up upon the hill.’

Mandrill is a drainage water run off on Sub-One and she mentions that she might have gotten wet feet if there had been any recent rain. So outwards from here there is the gully which carries the overflow away to find its own way down to the Omethi river valley. In the uphill direction we see the Crockery telling us that we are still looking northwards… and possibly a little off to the west.

One more scene is available from a highground viewpoint when Auri obliges us kindly with the information once more when she is out on top of things after climbing up her applecourt tree to the rooftops of Mains.

‘She could see the prickly chimbleys of Crucible, and winged Muse all full of flickerlight. To the East she spied the silver line of the Old Stone Road cutting gulley-deep into the forest, off to Stonebridge, over the river, and away away away…’

This last vista gives a view of these three buildings and they are exactly the three missing buildings that Pat’s map does not include, which should tell us everything that we need to know to begin navigating for ourselves. Pat’s chalk map can now be rotated to a more usual orientation to show the vague area of these three missing buildings to be all on one side and to also reveal Pat’s missing road, a road in a cutting between some more trees, only this time to the trees are to the east. With the forests to the north already mapped in we can now see that the whole university town appears to be built at least half surrounded by a forest, and also to be built on the side of a hill whilst all the time remaining on a truer level all of it’s own making as it is said to be filled with many flat courtyards, with never a mention of anyone climbing any outside staircases.

This last piece of info also describes for us how the ‘flat as a table, straight as a nail, older than God’ Stone Road must now begin to turn itself underground as the wooded hills climb up on both sides to surround it’s deepening gullied walls. At some point the always flat road must ‘appear’ to rise uphill and leave the true Old Stones buried beneath it as a newer stone road takes over the path, one that is only as young as the archives are. This newer road must now begin to make it’s way uphill into the township proper leaving the much older stone road to continue underground on its now untrodden path, onwards to it’s original, earlier, and now very secret terminus deep in the depths of the university’s library.


‘The University itself consisted of about fifteen buildings that bore little resemblence to each other.

Mews is the students residence block mentioned by Kvothe on his initial arrival from the East.

Mews had a circular central hub with eight wings radiating in each direction so it looked like a compass rose.

Every map needs a compass, so this double usage description is an absolute gift. Knowing that it must be in an unmapped western quarter is a good start, but that doesn’t tell us wether it is to the north-west or the south-west. Kvothe later tells us that it is three stories tall which is an outside view guess proven quite wrong soon after as once inside he is primarily housed in the cheap bunks on the fourth floor in the eastern wing. Clearly mews may appear to be half the height of the archives but the ceilings must be much less high than as standard to allow for this extra level… a fine example of Pat playing silly buggers again. High up in this furthest corner he notes that his bunkroom is far from the bathing facilities on the ground floor and therefore also as far as you can get from the adjacent mess hall and kitchens across the lawn, which is described as a long building with seating for 400. These bunks are the cheapest rooms with the least access to facilities and food.

I suspect that Mews will be placed the North west corner of our map as we can just make out the words Masters Hall on Pat’s chalkmap in this same quadrant and since the Masters also need feeding and assuming that the most important university people should receive the fastest service you would assume that they would like their meals delivered hot from the kitchens nearby and not cold from being carried overly far, something that we can draw a parallel to is the arrangement which occurs in Severen which Kvothe remarks often about during his days housed and fed by the Maer. More practical University thinking however would tie up the entire NorthWest corner of universtity campus as being the location of all the residential quarters.


Hollows was simple and square, with stained glass windows showing Teccam in a classic pose:…

I had a bit of trouble with Hollows as there is some apparent evidence that it is one and the same place as the masters hall of residence, but actually, it is not. However, we also know that you can reach the Masters Halls of Residence from the rooftops of Mains, you just need to jump a narrow alley and traverse a sloping inn roof to reach the broad flat roof of finished stone which is where we can find master Lorren’s sleeping chambers. This puts at least a pubs width of difference between Mains and Mews, making it an inn that caters for the masters tastes, possibly it is called the White Hart where we later visit with ElxaDal and hear the tale of the Ignorant Edema.

The confusion with Hollows occurs when Kvothe is first summoned ‘On The Horns’ when Jamison’s runner boy found him in the mess hall and informed him that he was wanted ”…in the Masters’ Hall.” but there is a nasty little use of the possessive going on here, and what he really means is ‘in the hall where the masters hold all their meetings’, and not ‘where they go to sleep’. Pat can be a tricky bugger at times. This misinterpretation is exposed on the following page when Sim leads Kvothe to his doom at the correct building where Jamison is waiting and Kvothe notes that ‘they reached Hollows far too soon for my liking’ which reveals our destination to be one and the same building as that which all the admissions interviews are held. We already know how to find this place from Wilem’s first scene, you go back out of the archives doors then…

‘down, then left, short building with …colour-windows. two big… trees out front. Maple? Is that the name for a tree?’

The colour-windows are made of stained glass and show Teccam in a classic pose, barefoot in front of his cave teaching students.

Pat’s chalk map marks hollows as being in exactly this location which as good as confirms the real masters hall of residence to be the half legibly worded building that is diametrically opposite from Hollows, and also across a smaller courtyard from the main door to the Artificiary. This all tallies up nicely with Pat’s chalk map when we add in the small clue that we get when Elodin sets fire to Hemme’s chambers as Kvothe had initially spotted him entering a side door to the masters’ halls of residence as he was crossing ‘the courtyard’ as he himself was heading towards the fishery to see if his lamps had sold.


Mains was the most distinctive building of the lot. It covered nearly an acre and a half and looked like it had been cobbled together from a number of smaller, mismatched buildings.’

This rough description can be used to fill up all our remaining mapspace in a ramshackle way. It’s overall footprint can only be guessed at but no matter what shape it is, we have a starting point described when Mola comes with Kvothe to Applecourt starting from a courtyard ‘halfway to Medica.’ from his room at Ankers.

‘I led her to the South-West corner of Mains where there were a trio of decorative chimneys.’

Now it could well be that these chimneys actually for part of The Crucible, which is famous for it’s chimbleys, which would make the Alchemy complex one of the assorted buildings that clump together to make up the larger block of Mains. That’s about all I can find about Crucible to go on although it is clear that Auri’s own room has a door that leads into the Alchemy complex’ secret lower levels. I know nothing about alchemy but the rooftops of Mains are all one great highway for Auri to explore in secret when she is out on top of things.

Applecourt deserves a new map all of it’s own as it is the gateway to the underthing but the immediate roofops surrounding it have a few more details to give when Elodin shares a dinner here with Kvothe and Auri, high up on the tar and tin. After they depart together Kvothe lets Elodin take the lead towards his own chosen exit, a destination that was unknown to us. On their way they they pass an old observatory before their discussion leads to a sudden changing of direction, turning instead towards the masters residence hall by the straightest route. This should eliminate north as being his original destination, and east is unlikely since that way leads further away from the university proper. Neither did they did back up on themselves which leaves Elodin’s original exit strategy as most likely following a westerly path back towards the archives and the centre of the map, which pretty much completes this latest guided tour.


Ok, that’s enough for now, I might have missed a few more clues but the meat of it is here, enough to draw up some proper architects plans to accompany the script at least,but anyone should be able to bo that now… MaYdaY has arrived and politics has failed, the world is turning itself along the second wave now, The wave of Science. But Three times is traditional, and religion should be the last to stand up and tell you what to do come Lammas day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… Hallow’een will be a good time to dance like nobody was watching as it’s all about Yin and Yang , yOu knOw…

See you after the gold rush… Tinker Tangle, Brock, Sirius and Sn@iL xXx

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