Interlude ~ The 8 Squared

The Eight Squared

Spring has sprung and The Twig needs to come out of the water for a while. Things are happening rather faster than they were and stuff needs to be done properly. Snails and the Mogs are out of winter mode and long range plans are coming quickly together… some might say Too quickly.

We have reached a point in my tinfoil where we can nearly count up to eight. 8 Cities, 8 Chandrian, 8 Angels and 8 Amyr… there might even be 8 Sithe, too, but they are not important here…yet. But if we are going to uncover the true shape of the world then we are going to need somewhere to stand. The Archives is one of the cornerstones of civilization which in another world (ours) would be regarded as one of the seven wonders, a dominant feat of engineering to dwarf all others. Sod Tinuë, all roads should lead to the Archives and so I think we had better start to begin drawing a few of my strings back together again for tangling together before knotting off at the present day. This is probably going to get a bit messy since I will, in part, be working backwards again, but this is also a real time deconstruction being built right now as I shall attempt to map the insides of the Archive out from top to bottom and back to front.

This isn’t actually all that hard, but my plans towards this end have needed to become further enlarged to provide the necessary viewpoint, and so will require a better understanding of the whole University complex in it’s entirity. That looks a bit harder, but furthermore that fix has, invariably, has led to the need for something more to link them both together, and that calls for us to inspect the knotted mass that makes up the underthing, too.

As above… So below.

This is becoming quite a Large undertaking and so to that end I hope to put together a team to scrivs to help me find things, just like Kvothe did when he learnt to navigate the stacks. There is a place online where some keen students of the KKC go to share their tinfoil.

The Hidden City from kkcwhiteboard

LINKY …and this is where I have chosen to build a small reading room for the very purpose of attracting some like minded scrivs to come work together in gathering up all the irrelevant information that we will need, all the clues about all the small secrets that they can find, all the pieces of the tiny tinfoil trail that Pat has left for us, because we are going to need them all to crack this thing, trust me on that one. Pat has been playing his DungeonMaster games with us all along, and most of us didn’t even realise that we were even in a play at all.

This is going to be live, a work in progress, and I only vaguely know where I even hope to end up! and so it might double back on itself a few times, jump around in time and space a bit, contradict itself and almost certainly get lost amidst it’s own tangles more than once. But if you want to play the game with me, I’ll see you in the whiteroom, bring what you expect to find, bring me further strange and interesting facts that you have gleaned in your re-readings and we will pin them to the map that we are drawing, bring them in three’s if you can, less is more, like fir-cones with all of the little nobbly bit’s still attattched, and then I will knit them together. I will try and keep abreast of all things elsewhere too but for a while now this is where our storyline needs to be heading… To the University. The history books written thus far can go and gather some dust for a bit, I could do with a break, I’ve got a boat that needs tinkering with and that will make things… unpredictable. There is a time for historybooks and there is a time for faeriestories and there is a time for playing the game.

But this is not only about solving puzzles so much as it is about compiling them. We shall need to observe the Seven P’s. Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. This task involves thinking outside the box before we begin mapping the inside of it. It will require a little bit of guesswork and a fair bit of estimation a large slice of following your nose, an awful lot of scrutiny and a cherry on top for luck! this should also aim to be practical and stylish at the same time and have lots of little pockets. Since this is more than just a standard cartography class and I predict eight chapters will be needed get us through. Maybe I will do them all in one sitting… OooKkk! Lets see how we go then. Good Luck.

Matty Tangle, Snail and the Mogs

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