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Winter is coming, Martin will be pleased, the nights are drawing in and I have a nice new notebook for drawing in too. It’s been a while since I used my old notes, most of it’s all in my head now and I can usually remember a passage well enough to locate it quite quickly and check the exact wording… usually. But the last part I wrote had me searching about for some specific lines which were pretty deeply buried and I can foresee more of the same in the days ahead. That means that it’s probably about time for a re-read.

I usually have a couple of books on the go at once and this summer I have gotten back into Tad Williams, Jack Vance, Elizabeth H Boyer, and Brandon Sanderson to name but a few. I picked up a Janny Wurts trilogy recently but The Curse of the Mistwraith is proving a bit chewy on it’s own and I need something to balance it up. Tolkien revisited is also waiting in the wings for Yule but it’s that time of year when The Name of The Wind is in it’s element and so I’m going to brush up on my history of Temerant instead.

The timeline of Temerant is only available in scraps, nothing has a date as such, there is no ‘1984 years since the year dot’ way of recording things here, it is all ‘x amount of years ago’ and even that is usually vague rounded numbers with no real focus either. But such things can be done, so I’m going to do it again. I will give it a rattle and lay all the bits out in apple pie order and see what lines up this time.

On a personal footing, I’ve had a review written of my work so far by one of the other scrivs who study in the archives. It’s really quite lovely and a good incentive to carry on exactly as I am. Thank you Egan, see you in the stacks. We are nearly at half way now, chapter 49…Seven Seven’s and all that, lot’s more to go though, even a bit of story-telling and future prediction about checkmated Kings n ting.

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So I’m on my 8th Re-read and considered myself pretty informed regarding various theories, nuances, plots, subplots, backstories, and possible story arcs regarding the KKC. I mean I have given A LOT of thought to Pat’s writing. However, I was recently directed to a series of essays posted at (Hmmm) I mean this guy has taken his analysis to a completely different level. His analysis of the mythology alone (not to mention his thoughts and theories on various characters) astounds me… If you are obsessed with KKC and wish to be exposed to some incredibly well researched and developed thoughts and conclusions drawn from the first two books, then I highly reccommend you take the time to read his essays on the KKC. Enlightening!

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