Interlude- disentangled

Evening. Well its getting a bit untidy now, I’ve been knocking out a page a week so far, but the last one was… Wrong. I needed a break anyway. Life goes on. Delofeu. :0)

What I also learnt was that I’m not ready to tackle the fae quite yet, but I know how not to do it, and that might be what I need to know. Anyway, life goes on.

The next chapter is going nicely, another Amyr piece,that string is strong, but the strings that are forming need a few knots now, things are tying together in places and faeriniel is being mapped before us.

Perhaps some Parents and orphans need reuniting? Tinfoil might need polishing . Maps may need making. Master cartographer required, apply within.

The road to Tinuë is very long… nine and ninety tales perhaps and there is a long way to go yet. Follow me, I think I know where I’m going…

2 thoughts on “Interlude- disentangled”

  1. Had another crack at the fae, better. But still too big. Think I’ve got to get other parts written first, but I might have isolated a triangle.
    The road to Tinuë goes ever on.

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