4 Down

4 Down

May has arrived and is passing fast, so here is just a quick recap of what did April bring for posterity. I lost another good friend in my old crossword companion, the cleverest man I ever knew. Farewell Alberich, I’ll see you in Valhalla. The Hornets have gone back down (again), work is hard, money is tight, and the world is full of crooks and conmen… still mustnt grumble at least festivals are back on the menu, and blind cat is literally just around the corner :o]

On to important news and our planet continues to show further signs of imminent collapse and the ball is clearly freewheeling in a downhill trajectory now. Down on the tropic of Capricorn, all those cyclones dumped an awful lot of rain and it was South Africa who were on the end of some pretty catastrophic flooding whilst up in the tropic of Cancer it is still all dust storms and droughts and failing crops… better phone Bono. Meanwhile over in India the sub continent has been (and still is!) suffering under a most extreme heatwave that has averaged approx 45°C and which also arrived two months earlier than it normally might. All the above are totally unprescedented events in their own right and are all being rightly blamed on climate change…but these stories don’t make the front pages in the west although when they do get mentioned the oft used superlative of ‘the worst such weather since records began’ all sounds very familiar…

What does the summer ahead forecast? Well a triple dip La Nina is on the cards for the Pacific as the Atlantic hurricane season approaches whilst in Europe its all heatwaves and thunderstorms that are once again the default prediction. In Volcano corner I’m currently looking towards Krakatoa whilst the only earthquake news of any interest actually happened on Mars.

Onto Covid and the lockdowns in Shanghai, pop 25m, which was meant to last one week for each half of the city have failed quite miserably to do their supposed job. Six weeks later and there is no end in sight with very few actual covid deaths (237) to actually justify such harsh measures. The WHO have been criticised for critcising these Chinese tactics despite this being exactly the measures that they themselves demanded of the west when they launched their silly pandemic. North Korea has reportedly joined the covid party just as New Zeland has finally given up on being the worlds only plague free island in order to save their tourist economy. All the governments in the world have meticulously recorded weekly figures for covid death tolls for two years now but the grand total of 6m simply wasn’t scary enough for Tedros who called them all out as liars and (without evidence) decided the real figure was actually closer to 15m and that more jabs are the only answer towards a return to ‘normal’. What can it be about them that makes him think that way despite all the evidence to the contrary? perhaps he owns pharma shares and its just the 3trillion in govt endorsed pharma money that matters to him?, in this game money is just the way of keeping score after all.

‘A whole days wage for a quart of flour, a whole days wage for three quarts of barley meal’

Now Famine is quite an archaic word which can actually surface in many shapes and forms so with shortages on the shelves and with inflation getting out of control everywhere you look as prices keep rising so are many belts being tightened as the pinch is being felt more and more throughout society around the world. With the Ukraine Wheat harvest in peril, India promised to feed the world, but the recent heatwave has badly hit their own crop yield leaving them short themselves leading to imports, not exports. There isn’t a counrty on earth whose future isn’t heading downhill and the Sri Lankans were the first out of the blocks to demand change and their govt has indeed just recently fallen to anarchy, toppled by the power of the hungry people. A change of leader, however, won’t change a damn thing imho as there is no money left to pay for anything and so nowt that anyone can do about fixing their mess and so the old leaders standing down and giving the opposition parties a chance to drink from the poisoned chalice is merely delaying the inevitable and providing only a veneeer of false hope, a situation which will one day apply to the UK. The system is broken. Tickle down was all just a trick. The game was rigged and you were bound to lose. It always was a case of us and them, and that won’t change now. There is no real way out for the current generation and time is fast running out for the next one. This is the future for us all I fear: Times might seem hard now but they are only going to get worse… unless you are selling Vaxxines or Oil or Bombs of course, there is always money to be made there.

The war in Ukraine doesn’t even make the front pages that much any more and the prospect of the vikings joining NATO is simply poking the russian bear up the arse with a pointy stick. This is going to get messy. Instead of funding and prolonging the fighting by lining the pockets of their own masters of war the US should perhaps first honour its monetary pledges to help fight global warming (unpaid since the false promises of COP25!) but they all know what a waste of money that would be. My predictions for the war remain unchanged and on target. Tangle Out