April Fuel

Only two years since I began writing this account, it seems like longer. Yet another winter is behind me and I should have come out of hibernation before I turn 54. So, how’s the world been behaving in March? Well one of the classic ‘strange signs in the sky’ prophecies came to pass as Saharan dust turned the sky a funny colour right across Europe, twice! Even Essex got some although Springs full moon only turned orange, not blood orange. No volcanoes worth mentioning quite yet but out in the mid Atlantic, where three tectonic plates come together, the Azores are making exactly the right kind of noises to signal an imminent eruption and that will be interesting for June’s hurricane season if last years data is anything to go by. There have been a few other Pacific earthquake swarms, notably quite a build up around Fukushima, again, which prompted a tsunami warning, again, but no disaster this time and generally it’s been quite quiet. The big Earth news this month was a week long bi-polar heatwave with the mercury rising by 40°at both ends of the planet simulataneously. That caused havoc with the ice melt and snow fall predictions and some clever boffin noted that if this had happened during the summer months the polar temperatures would have gone positive, however with both poles spiking at the same time one of them c/sh/would have been expected to have reached such a melting point figure but I suppose that since the problem actually occurred bi-equinoctially, we might just have dodged another curve ball there. I could try and link the Southern polar anomaly to my Tongan emissions map but why would this have cause and effect on both poles at once? perhaps it was down to something interstellar! Cosmic waves, Sunspots or radiation belts perhaps? don’t ask me, I juast work here.

You might have heard about an Omicron wave raging in China this month where two years worth of covid case figures have doubled in just two weeks. Shanghai city has been Severened into two in a novel experiment at disease control as they still aim for the impossible dream of Zero covid via lockdowns and madatory testing. Some folk never learn but any comparative data might prove interesting reading. Less publicised has been the fall to covid of New Zealand where exactly the same maths also now apply. Half a milion cases total, 250,000 in the past fortnight. This leads me to ask why certain diverse geographical places avoided covid A and B, but fall foul of covid C and D? One answer would seem to be that catching any given influnza one year will give the infected host it’s natural protection to cope with the next crest of the sine wave before rising/falling back up/down again for a new infection every other year thereafter. Vaxxines, as we know, only last for six months whilst nature takes care of you for a year and a half. This is how I imagine influnza has rolled along ever since the dawn of time. there will always be someone to infect, for every odd number there is an even one, and a fifty percent strike rate ensures our survival to anyu given mutation. Up until now, man has always defeated his nautral enemy this way with very little fuss by mainly ignoring it. However if you were to deliberately break that natural cycle then if might be true that your body will have missed out on what might be it’s required exposure to the latest update of mutating virus and instead of the real thing it has received only a cheap plastic substitute causing a hiccup in the natural ordering of life as we know it, which might just cause unexpected trouble further down the line, if you believe the tinfoil that is.

Now the only way out of this whole ragnarok mess is to keep on going and perhaps become one of the few survivors of WWV. Dystopian fiction paints many a picture of a post apocalyptic planet and in every one of them the global population has shrunk to a tithe of what we know now and that scenario means an awful lot of dead people. So what happens to all the corpses? If they have all died suddenly, en-masse then that’s going to take something unthinkable to happen but that’s a very messy approach to contemplate and a far cleaner method would be that due to some radioactive disaster or another, mankind simply became sterile, al at once, and without all the millions of new babies being born every year, the global population will instead decline naturally down to a much more manageable number. as per the great reset plan. Now less people will only need a fraction of the dwindling resources we are using up today thus the remaining few will achieve net Zero, or even lower, and that scenario might just be enough to pull the world back from the edge of disaster. This theory won’t affect me and mine, or the mogs for that matter, in fact the generation who will have to live through this post apocalyptic front line havent even been born yet, but the kids of today will all be my age by then and still be about to teach them about folly and so they should really be be my target audience. Hello! On the subject of trusting man-made vaxxines over nature, I should mention two things, the huge recent rise in the numbers of supposedly healthy sportsmen collapsing suddenly on the pitch, and the word graphene. Now I don’t believe that there are any computer chips hidden in vaxxines, that’s just daft, but one molecule of Graphene in your blood stream has the potential to carve you up from the inside out since it’s the sharpest shit we have invented yet, and having a razor blade running loose in your veins would be like a time bomb ticking. Graphene is also magnetic whereas us naturally manufactures carbon based life forms are certainly not and we aren’t meant to be, either.

Ok, onto the war front and I hear that both parties have reached a humanitarian crisis ceasefire in Ethiopia, not that the world took any notice of that, but a bit closer to home and War is all there is to talk about. It’s quite odd to see people fighting without America being involved, but then again modern wars are all about money and the US will always have weapons for sale. I don’t trust the BBC to accurately tell me the weather forecast, let alone the news but this is a war of disinformation and so with the media in charge of the truth here are a few facts to remember. Putin never said he wanted to conquor all of the Ukraine, just to ensure the return of the Donbas regions to the Russian fold, and that’s exactly what he is going to do. Threatening Kiev was just a distraction for the media to support and defend whilst the red army took control of it’s objectives elsewhere. Geographically, this annexing move will give Russia more coastline, the thing it has always historically desired, leaving only the port of Odessa to link the Ukraine to the Black Sea. Now if Vlad does decide to get a bit greedy and turns the Black sea completely Red, this will make Odessa the focal point of the war’s conclusion with Russia threatening a new border with Moldova whilst the Ukraine, reciprocally, will be cut off from the sea and so become a landlocked state, which will be a very bad thing for their wheat exports. In order to keep Odessa theirs the Ukrainians will simply have to accept that the Donbas has gone and once it does that then the war will be over by christmas. That’s a scenario I haven’t heard any experts mention of yet but that’s how I can see the new atlas looking come wintertime.

The global push towards a western replacement to the newly minted PetroRubel could herald the implementation of all those renewable cop26 promises made by the West to reduce their fossil fuel consumption, but realistically, of course, it wont happen. Promises about changing anything by Christmas should always be taken with a pinch of salt and if nothing gets done this summer (which it won’t) then we shall see how just long all of the NATO sanctions will last. Nobody is really going to go green, they have just promised to stop buying red diesel (for now). But when the new western fuel prices become completely unaffordable and unsustainable, the inevitable stockmarket collapse (I predict a Halloween crash) and with the prospect of a russian winter along with a new covid to play with will hopefully make the voices of the poorest members in society to be heard and that should ensure a russian gas sanctions climbdown from the EU by christmas, a move which will undoubtedly piss the yanks off no end.

Make hay whilst the sun shines, I’ll be back again around Mayday.