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Flip Side

I know its not Easter but Pancake day marked the end of a truly wretched month in my world, and probably for everyone else I would imagine. The world has gone tick afgain so a few lines of review seem appropriate. According to my calculations February marked the beginning of the second half of the great game and recent events have backed up my timetable as being bang on target. Now if the game that we were talking about here was American football then after half time would come the start of the third quarter, and if we convert that thinking into some more apocalyptic speak then this would equate to the time of the third horseman, which is War! Can you see him yet?

BoZo managed to drop all of the UK’s Covid remaining measures, to much consternantion and condemnation, on the Thorsday after 2’sday, just as the Queen caught covid. He has, however, escaped the expected scrutiny and headlines about the rights and wrongs of that move with quite perfect timing since, quite coincidentally of course, the very day the UK buried covid was also the very day when Russia decided to invade the crimea! now who could have seen that scenario coming? The BBC suddenly had a brand new topic to fill up their day and to distract us all with since suddenly, nobody wants to talk about covid anymore. Not one covid headline have I read since we learnt to live with it. Strange that innit? How easy something can just go away when they stop talking about it all the time.

‘Pay no attention to the man behind the (iron) curtain.’

The borders of Europe are now being redrawn and the EU is currently welcoming millions of war-torn refugees into Poland no questions asked (when it wasn’t so long ago that the Poles were actively building walls to keep the other war-torn refugees out!) I would also draw your attention to the complete and utter lack of any mention or double booster jab enforcement or vaxxine passport measures being imposed upon the poor unvaxxed majority of Ukraninians whereas during the Omicron days such a thing would have been totally unthinkable. The WHO have been very quiet about this obvious threat to EU members health because nobody wants to hear it and talking of going quiet it should also be noted that the Russian narrative is that they are simply ‘reclaiming their ancestrasl lands’ which is a line that made me think of what Israel says about Palestine, which then made me think about how very quiet they have been about the whole matter, bit close to home perhaps? clever move that Vlad.

Now if I can read the edges of the unfolding timeframe of the great gameplan of armageddon then you can bet your last rouble that Vlad knows all the details. That thought means that he also knew exactly when it was time to begin his move, how long he’s got to achieve his goals, what’s coming along next… and when it is due to arrive. With half-time correctly confirmed, the third quarter is easy to predict that it’s going to last another 21/2 months which means sometime in mid November. The final horseman needs no introduction, but exactly how hades will translate and manifest itself has not yet been revealed.

‘What’s their plan? What’s their plan?’

If I were to hazard a guess I would suggest that the Ukraine crisis is not going to be sorted out by even the harshest of sanctions, no matter what the economic and war ‘experts’ might hope or assume. The economy is going to hell in a handcart. Vlad has accepted this economic sacrifice and is planning to go solo into the last battle since he has some well informed ideas as to what the economic state of the rotw will be like come next winter. He has made his masterplan move now, the die is cast, and in doing so has technically closed his countries borders to the rotw, earlier than they might have expected him to, by the very cleverly disguised route of making the rotw impose exactly that outcome upon him. There is no amount of peace talks that are ever going to reverse this incursion, Crimea has turned red again , the West can do nothing about it and victory for Vlad is a foregone conclusion. Russia has, in effect, seceded itself away from the rotw in order to best prepare itself for what it knows is coming next…and they are taking the Ukraine with him. What this really means is that come the final quarter of the game and Russia will control the Ukranian wheat harvest so they at least the russians will have plenty to eat. We must then factor in that they will also have all their own unsold gas and oil to keep them warm on the long winter nights, whilst the rotw…wont.

Prices are rising, shortages are coming, everybody knows that war is a game about money. Everyone can see it now and the future is looking pretty bleak. The cosmic clock that I follow says to expect the next big tick to fall in November (all souls day perhaps?), and then we shall see the ride of the fourth horseman and everything which that entails and follows in his wake. Hell on earth is propheciesed and that is not a good omen by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe it will be the Omega Variant? Maybe the stock market will crash?, maybe something even worse? Or all three? Who can tell? nothing I can do about it, or you for that matter, so just do the best that you can.

One bonus thought before we move on is that the UN food agency supplies will be particularly in demand as things get worse in such a turbulent world but they will be hard hit to keep up with supply and demand as I have read that Ukrainian wheat makes up some 40% of it’s aid packages that they dole out in response when there is a large natural diaster anywhere in the world that needs urgent food, such as …well all over the place these days, where would you like me to start?

An Hour Before it’s Dark

It took a few days for news about the devastating amount of Australian rainfall to filter through the wall-to-wall war coverage and make it onto the world news stage at all. Record breaking weather patterns have caused deluges of biblical proportions down under and I wonder if it had anything to do with that SO2 cloud I mentioned earlier, or was that random observation just a coincidence? Probably not since this ‘once in a thousand years’ rain follows the pattern set by last spring’s ‘once in a hundred years’ rain.

In the Uk we had 4 named storms in a week where once upon a time a couple would have been unheard of, but whatever the polar vortex bought to Britain (strong enough to blew my solar panel off twice!) it wasn’t a patch on what poor Madagascar faced when, as predicted, they got royally smacked all month long by a string of Indian ocean cyclones named for A,B,D and E.

One other obviously un-newsworthy item which will have escaped your attention is that whilst all of this was happening on planet Earth, mankind had a lucky escape when a mahoosive great solar flare erupted on the far side of the sun. Now if it had been pointing towards us instead of occurring on the ‘dark side’ the boffins calculate that it could have easily wiped out all of our global telecommunication satellites but since this one missed us by about half a year or so (1CU), then thats alright, its not important enough to worry folk about, I mean lightning never strikes twice, right? I should also make a mention of global warming patterns and the disturbing news concerning the Antarctic glaciers which are reportedly melting at a far faster rate than initially thought. The doomsday glacier is now breaking apart at an alarmingly accelerated rate and the number 3-5 years is now being used, whereas before they used to predict it would take 3-5 decades for it collapse into the rising sea. That’s how close to the edge we really are.

Until April, Take care of each other.

Tangle Out.

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