Well that’s January finally out the way and it’s been a long hard slog but thanks to the help from the wonderful women in my life my recent troubles are all sorted bar the last spanners and so I’ll soon have power up and running again, just in time for the annual February freeze up as the polar vortex returns to plague us once more. America is going to get very very cold very very soon as Trump once said on one of his more honest days and the rotw isn’t escaping the changes either and has had a few of it’s own winter weather stories to report. It got so cold in greece the other day and the sea froze, which is pretty unheard of for the med and the snowfall in Syria was rather unusual, too. Are these emerging patterns going to become the new normal for all our future Winters? Time will tell, if you can’t already guess for yourself what the answer is by now. The new year did indeed start with off a bang which bought a new volcano into play bang on the equator as mt.Wolf erupted in the Galapagos Islands. That was quite an intreresting location geographically if you note it’s relation to La Palma and Hawaii which are pretty much equidistant from wolf up in their tropic of Cancer lattitides and so forming an isosoles triangle of interest. Continuing the current progression suggests that the Banda sea is looking the likliest hot spot for the next big event.

The real earth shattering news of the month though came along a week later in Tonga with a vast undersea volcanic eruption which slapped the Tsunami card well and truly into play, just as was prophecised. That wave affected the entire Pacific ocean whilst the barometric pressure wave it also created raced all the way around our planet at the speed of sound before clapping itself back together again on the opposite side of the globe in Algeria some 14hrs later. Unidentified thunderous noises in Western Iraq may well be related, too, since all that excess energy has to go somewhere after all. These rings which ran right around the globe were even visible from space and it was quite an amazing thing to watch as for the first time in history mankind has had the technology in place to film it all from above, but the death toll was low and the economy escaped unscathed and so it was only a one hit wonder as far as the media cared and it was soon forgotten about amidst all the other distractions. However, the ash pillar created reached the stratosphere and the SO2 cloud which followed covered 12m square km as it drifted off across northern Australia heading generally westwards in much the same direction that the first covid wave did. It was last seen heading towards the Indian ocean, an area which has just birthed tropical storm Ana which was also travelling westwards around about the tropic of Capricorn and has been laying waste to the 3m’s of Madagascar, Mozambique and Malawi. Now an A name marks the first storm of the new season and so more bad weather will surely follow in the months to come. With all that gas heading that way from Tonga could the rains down in Africa turn out to be a hard rain that’s a gonna fall? Time will tell.

In other news you might be forgiven for thinking that the Ukraine is all set to host world war 3 any time soon, if you listen to the official commentary, but it’s not going to happen since it’s really all about the world economy and the price of gas at the bottom of that little distraction. The vaxxine wars have lost their appeal and been given over to our sportsmen and musicians to play about with as the omicron death count remains embarrasingly non-existant. Australasia may have been the last islands to keep themselves covid free but being last is no worse than going first really for something we will all have to go through before the end. The great game rolls into it’s second half, something mentioned in passing by a top man at the WHO who have their own agenda to push and despite the growing criticism of their handling have voted to give Tedros five more years at the helm unopposed.

All that hot air has also been a good distractor for Bozo’s latest plight as he played a blindingly clever move and called the police on himself. Since they work for the home office they will do whatever his mate porta-potty tells them to do, effectively kicking that particular ball off into the long grass. The extra time that he has gained should see the UK safely through the last of the omicron wave allowing him to step even further away from the SAGE advice by backtracking on the promise of universal NHS jab mandates as he sails the good ship GB into the the calmer waters of springtime.

Ok, thats just a month’s worth of weather news, let’s see what the Year of the Tiger will bring. Stay warm, don’t panic and I’ll update you all again about Easter.