Well Yule is here again and trouble has visited my house. A break down prevented us from attending Kozmik Xofff and its now looking a lot like I will need a whole new engine transplant. Ho-ho-hum, Its going to be a bleak mid-winter in my corner of the world.

My past predictions are all aging rather well now with much of what I have previously written having come to pass in the world outside. Now new years is the traditional time for all folk everywhere to reflect on their own past, present and the future so if you are one of those people who relies far too much upon the media to tell you what is going on, and you are becoming increasingly unimpressed with their official commentary, then perhaps you should consider reading up on what I am trying to teach you instead. It will likely be years yet before such small time prophecy as mine finally starts to make it’s inevitable way around the mainstream internet proper to a platform where future folk will argue about wether or not I have a valid opinion on what is going to happen next. One day all this will be analysed by the government trolls, predominantly due to my impressive track record in being right which clearly needs debunking by the official fact checkers as the ravings of a (potentially threatening) lunatic. By then though they might all secretly be starting to agree with my thoughts about where we are heading and what we all should have done right back at the very beginning.

I might even be dead by then if they leave it too long and so I really ought to continue my output for posterity to stumble upon whilst I still can. So I send a big Kozmik hello to anyone who is tuning in from the future. Welcome to the great game of WWV.

The new year approaches and this is a traditional time of year when we all reflect on life and you should all be asking yourself whether anything that the collective minds of all mankind has come up with to end this covid threat is actually having any effect upon the outcome? Is their plan working? And if not, is it still worth continuing with? Then ask yourself ‘what else could we have done?’ since we clearly did everytning that we could of done …right? , and then perhaps dwell on the nature of man for a while and ask yourself ‘could we ever have won the war aginst covid?’

There are two paths the UK can now follow, either to bow down before the WHO’s demands or to follow the Swedish model. Either we should stay in the game for another spin and hope that this time it works, or we get off the endless covid roundabout right now… whilst we still can.

I can feel the war element coming to England soon, WWV as a war of disinformation and misinformation where opinions differ over the question ‘Is Omicron really worth another lockdown?’ The answer is No, it never was and it isn’t still. Waging war against a virus was always a war we could never hope to win, but they do say that where there is chaos, there is opportunity and so quite a lot of people have managed to get rich quick on the back of the pandemic but if you think they care one jot about you or about saving your grannie then you are wrong. Its all about power and control.

January 2022 is the 21st month of the 42 predicted by my cosmic calendar which makes if half time and therefore the natural time to consider making a break from our past failures and resolve to try something new instead

Plan B was launched in the UK during a political civil war to deflect from yet another leaked video debacle. BoZo, however, seems to have escaped this time around and so it appears that there wasn’t a new cowboy outfit in the box for christmas after all. The BBC predicted attack did come though and December has been a pretty bad month for BoZo who has been severely battered by all the sleaze, by the good people of shropshire north and by 99 of own mp’s rebelling against his plans and so a new year coup is most certainly still on the table as the great game ticks in to its second half. However, he’s a worm at heart and has wriggled his way out of worse than this before and as a result, in stark contrast to the rotw, Britain is still weathering the flu storm without the need to employ their SAGE advice and adopting instead what they all say is an essential and life saving lockdown policy. Time will answer that question and it will vote against them so well played BoZo for resisting their pressure, this historian at least appreciates that effort.

Juggling all of those lies just gets more and more difficult to pull off over time and BoZo’s piss-poor party excuses look almost plausible by comparison to those now being spun out by the WHO and all their vaxxine pushing partners. Did you know that this latest variant on the list was meant to be named after Nu, but officially calling it the Nu-variant would have been far too confusing for the sheep. So the Praetorian flu is back in town under the official name of Omicron, and that’s just as it really always should be since this covid strain seems to be following the spore season rather than the pollen season and where else would a northern winter virus go to mutate other than down in the southern hemisphere. Since Australia is now pretty much a prison camp and with NZ acting as the worlds favourite covid isolation island that really only left South Africa to fly the flu flag for the lower half of the planet.

Omicron is actually the worlds best chance so far to escape from the dark days of the covid wars if only everyone could just catch it and be done whilst it was both a) easy to contract and b) unlikely to inconvenience your life so much. You might not agree with that statement but this year should also bring rise to folk using the term ‘acceptable losses’ as to where to draw the lockdown line and your opinion on that will also vary greatly. Sooner or later though you will all come to the slow realisation that eradicating covid is simply a dream beyond mankinds ability. But what will soon become apparent is that even with a much more transmissible status but at the same time only producing the mildest of covid symptoms, Covid21 is clearly NOT a virus worth continuing to push the covid19 pandemic button for and so instead of revisiting those dark days again it is surely time to sound the all clear instead.

Are they media talking about that line of reasoning yet? Of course not, they will follow their orders, just as before, and gaslight the worst case scenario and saying that it doesn’t really matter that there aren’t enough bodies to count this time around because even more jabs is still the only sensible response to this latest covid shift. This universal jab-plan is being championed world-wide despite the inconvenient news that two shots of these self same jabs have just utterly failed to deliver on their previous efficacy promises.

The Western vaxxines in question came with a shelf life of six months (1cu!), and so it now appears that this best-before date applies to the product whether it’s left in the bottle or jabbed into the arm. Nigeria has today reportedly had to destroy a million of these older shots which were eventually donated (at a date far too late to actually implement them!) by the generous West. Why? because they were now past their use by date and so deemed no longer fit for purpose.

This latest admission has been pretty much ignored by the press as they ramp up the booster campaign as the correct path to follow but you must admit that if they had applied sufficient time test, test, testing to their magic potions thoroughly over the standard time frame proscribed for any new medicines, that would have revealed this rather important issue long before the mass production of their $nake oil was authorised for stabbing us in the first place. But of course they had to rush rush rush out a cure when their new brand new potus demanded one, and where America leads, the world followed and all sorts of vaxxine miracles suddenly became available. So instead of doing the test, test, test with all due process thing it was more a case of ‘I don’t care whether it works or not, I’m in charge now so just give me what you’ve got so far!’

Of course even if you do take yet another shot of what they now freely admit has failed twice before this new shot will continue to lose it’s potency at the same rate and, at best, only boost your immune system through until your next cosmic unit has passed. Come summer 2022 when they ‘discover’ that this third jab has worn off, too, then it will be time for your Jab#4. This pessimistic view is exactly what a fully vaxxinated Israel are now announcing as policy and they were, if you recall, also the first country to announce a jab #3 booster program.

If, however, we instead all decided to just ignore it, to sit back and to let Omicron wash over the world unchecked, then our immune systems should pass it’s annual influnza attack against our natural enemy, just as it has since the dawn of mankind, and the whole covid vaccination problem can be allowed to go away all by itself.

28 days later

Ask yourselves the question ‘If the virus is not killing folk anymore, why do we still consider it a threat worthy of the pandemic label?’ Without the death count data to back it up then surely the WHO’s original pandemic ‘advice’ is no longer necessary. If you look at their own data, covid19 killed about two people per hundred, whereas early data from South Africa predicts that covid21is hospitalizing only about three people per thousand and has symptoms akin to the common cold. The WHO have pinned their current hopes on their ‘death within 28 days of a positive test’ approach to kick in whilst they quickly urge further global lockdowns and lots more jabbing, but when the death column fails to rise then the pandemic must be declared over and for Omicron to be downgraded to a nasty bug alert instead but right now, the only reaction from everyone with a loud enough voice to matter is for the whole planet to march arm in arm behind the booster campaign as the only path to follow…despite all the revelations that their precious efforts are failing the test, test, test of time.

The time has come to call their bluff since once you have tried their jab or got that natural immunity on board, you should be allowed the freedom to step away from all of their covid games and to return to whatever you can salvage of your old normal. But very soon after you do stand up and say ‘no more’ you will realise that they really don’t want you to stop taking their medicine, do they? The media, who have always painted the worst case scenario as though it were already a proven fact, really want their captive audience to be frightened into compliance. They want you under control, and that is what they and their masters have always wanted. Power. This is a game to them and they’re all in it together. No, not you, your just a sheep that needs dipping and are not important enough to know the truth! They are the new kings, and your rules don’t apply to them.

Since Xmask is upon us I will now recall a memory from 2018 when I heard a strange rumour going about the internet that the queens speech in that year had to be re-recorded, simply because she made a mistake when reading her prepared script. Apparently, instead of telling us all to enjoy our next year she instead said to enjoy our last year, and given what 2020 did indeed bring to us all one must consider whether some of our world leaders knew what was cominga long time in advance. On a similar subject I have also read a newspaper report about a cabinet leak from Dec 2019 which claimed that they knew covid would come in three waves of fifteen weeks each, many days before the WHO’s official pandemic announcement. I doubt that these obviously ‘fake news’ reports still exists anymore, stuff like that gets buried pretty quickly and certain sources will have seen to that, but cyberSpace Is Big and it has lots of little secret pockets to search and so nothing ever truly gets deleted but even a broken net can still catch a fish so maybe someone can still unearth this data once more now that they know what to look for. Hindsight is giving some credence to researching all such ludicrously prophetic statements that are suddenly coming true.

January is the 21st month of WWV and so half time is fast approaching. Now this farce can go two ways now, you can either opt to stay on the roundabout and go around again, or you can stay STOP! I want to get off.

The official half time reports in the Western half of the vaxxine wars tells us that AZ doesn’t work anymore, and PF needs boosting up to make it work again leaving the minnows of Moderna’s as the most unlikely winners. The dark horses have beaten the big pharma and overnight have become a player themselves, now how could that be even possible? how did they manage it? David beats Goliath and It’s an xmask miracle for the shareholders. Now Recently I heard some reports that indicate their ceo knew quite well what was coming long before it actually came meaning that he had access to friends in high places who know things. Investigative journalists should investigate ModeRna since if you want to point the finger at someone for cheating, point it at the winners.

Now January ’22 could go one of two ways. With world govt’s everywhere banking on a sharp rise in the death’s column to justify their latest lockdowns and prove their mantra of jab, jab, jab then the odds are that is what we shall all continue to do. However, without the necessary deathtoll justification then the public trust will continue to waver and their whole covid playhouse will start to crumble and fall. Since their covid21 is collapsing into what is essentially a common cold I expect to soon hear some desperate early forecasts for us to beware of the NEXT covid variant of concern (prolly Omega) or renewed focus on the hypothetical dangers posed by ‘long Omicron’.

There will come a point this year when people start talking about acceptable losses, and what they should do to prepare for next winter’s inevitable covid attack and that topic will dominate the conversations for years to come. But by summer their game will be up one way or another as these annual covid patterns become patently obvious to everyone and so autumn is when I expect to see yet another vaccination drive as the second boot to really start to come down to crush the resistance as the people rise up and say they have had enough!

Operation Great Britain

Resistance to authority is always far stronger on continental Europe when compared to our green english sheepfields but the UK, purely coincidentally of course, happens to find itself standing outside of the union just as Covid struck the globe and so are no longer part of the bloc’s internal struggles. That means that we can all stand back and watch what happens next as the covid rules squeeze again and the fighting begins in earnest and that will prove to be a good place to be come the end of things if BoZo can keep it up a little longer. His current role is all part of the masterplan which I think of as operation GB. This has been the secret preparation plan for many a long year now and was implemented by those who knew that some sort of pandemic was coming many years before Covid day. They might not have know the exact details yet but they did have a seat booked at the top table (a seat they very nearly lost to a pandemically ignorant Jeremy Corbyn.) and they are making their moves as they watch all things develop. They knew well in advance when kick off was going to, since it’s their game and we are merely counters with which they play. Some of the more recent moves in the long range masterplan were for Cameroon and Co. to get the Brexit ball into play, when he fell from power they passed the ball on to May with orders to timewaste for two years and to wind down the brexit clock, and when she finally fell at the last it was given to BoZo to get the ball over the line before the real game started. Now freedom of movement is the lynchpin upon which the EU turns and with covid restrictions making a mockery of that concept now the Tower of Babel is showing it’s cracks. Better out than in I say, and brexit means brexit, so stop complaining about what you cannot change and get on board the good ship GB, it’s all we’ve got and it looks like we are going it alone now.


The weather keeps throwing up fresh disasters every month with typhoon Rai having just flattened the philapines and the Kentucky tornadoes becoming easily the worst ever recorded. The important detail in America is that the nine next worst tornado disasters on that list all happened in the usual spring seasons and not in December like these ones just did. The Pacific coast has been grabbing the extreme weather headlines again with blizzards striking Hawaii and unseasonal temperature records falling daily in the Plains and upper Midwest as la Nina pushes north again and threatens the union with another polar vortex situation.

In the War game, sabres are rattling along borders and Somebody has apparently sold Ethiopia some drone warfare capabilities which they are using indiscriminately against the rebel forces and turning the tide there once more. Somalia is joining the general turmoil arouond the Horn with yet another African coup in the making. The worst floods in six decades are hitting Sudan and the famine reports in general are getting worse every day. On Xmask day, the Volcano activity in the Canaries was officially declared ended, but the yin yang balance persists in the north Atlantic as earthquakes in Iceland begin to swarm once more, just in time to see the new year in with another bang perhaps.

Ok, that will about do for now, take care and I’ll see you all on the flip side.

Matty Tangle.

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