Three Down…


A lot of cosmic anniveraries will have been come and gone during this current span of days, and since it’s a moonless night tonight, I’m leaving my KKC moonrakings to stew for a bit and instead I am back once more with my guide to WWV’s latest developments and predictions.

On the second unofficial anniverasary of Operation Covid, on All Souls Day 2022, being the 42nd week of the year, the official figures for global covid death have now passed the nice round figure of 5million. Biden’s election anniversary is imminent and that event coincides suspiciously well with the anniversay of the first vaccine being ‘discovered’. Prolly all just a coincidence of course, but to me it looks more and more like we are watching the shifting sands of game time passing. Now 5million is a huge increase from last years records which reveal that the covid death count has almost quadrupled in just four seasons, and the cumulative deaths graph is still rising at the same predictable angle as it was before. A surprising increase considering how many folk have now been jabbed against such an end

the WHO have just ratified their magical jab #7 whilst here in the UK we have given up with the AZ jab and the the boffins have instead given the all clear for something new and exiting to try, an actual cure which you can take (or rather buy!) when you do finally catch the plague as opposed to all the focussing on the preventative ‘medicine’ that was supposed to have stopped this from becoming an issue for you in the first place. Oh for the days when were told it was only ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’. On the plus side, all of the 250million folk who have now caught the dreaded covid and whose own immune systems have once again proved strong enough to survive this latest threat, can at last all breathe a deep sigh of relief knowing that they, personally, have now gotten through the healthy human being test and so can never catch it again. That’s how these things work and that’s the best sort of immunity you can hope to get (although there is no profit to be made from that dangerous sort of thinking, is there ex-mp Patterson?).

November always is a pretty grim month and the influnza season is upon us once more with the early reports suggesting that we are likely to be in for a pretty bad winter all round. This annual event has sparked new calls from SAGE for the implementation of Boris Plan B with all that entails arguing ‘whats the point of having it if you arent prepared to use it’. although hopefully common sense will prevail and we won’t get fooled again. Yuletide is the next cosmic hurdle to jump and I’m hoping to celebrate with a night of Kozmik Zofff, if the other boot hasn’t dropped by then. We can but stay hopeful tho, so take care everyone and remember what your mum always used to say, ‘wrap up warm because there’s a nasty bug going about.’


Hallow’een has passed and I felt that cosmic clock tick again. Cop26 is up and running with the levels of Blah actually sounding quite promising listening, and this last chance saloon is now the centre stage of all the worlds attention… at last. Good luck to them all, please prove me wrong and do something right for a change. However, I’m not holding my breath on that score since the difference between saying something and implementing it will soon become apparent. The small print dictates that actually reducing fossil fuels extraction will cost more in compensation claims than they have budgeted for the implementation, all thanks to the Energy Charter Treaty which is a loophole which needs taking seriously. With everyone singing from the same songbook the delegates are talking the good talk, but their track records suggests it’s all going to end up as just more empty promises and even more blah blah blah.

I believe that the future they are talking about now is not their own persaonal war but rather the problem for the youth of today to tackle, starting today if at all possible. This is their future we are talking about and and old men and women of the blah generation will all be history themselves when their lack of actions comes home to roost. My current prediction is that any progress in promises will only achieve more hot air and prolly lots more profits for lawyers and bankers.

Perhaps it is not to late to elect a more modern global climate council, one recruited entirely from the youth of today and given power of execution over the delegates desires. A new global generation of youth united to champion and implement the Blah Generation’s promises and so help them to guide the world through it’s immediate future. It must be led by those to whom it will matter to the most and I cannot see any other sort of ‘world coucil’ having even a tiny chance of success. The BG have had too much experience of lining their own pockets to be trusted, along with their historic track record of still not getting the job done to stand a chance of pulling it out of the fire this time around. Teach your children well. They will be the new old ones as the years count down. This New World Attitude should operate under an enforced age ceiling to promote a healthy attempt at honesty and integrity and the shortlist does NOT include anthony Bliar in any shape or form whatsoever.

One cosmic unit to the day after Iceland’s volcano started erupting, and La Palma followed suit which apart from being a rather good prediction to smile knowingly about, reminded me of something else I once wrote of as a possibility evolving which now seems to be more of an actual coming to pass. A volcano erupting at just the right place and time does indeed seem to have had a rather profound effect on the Atlantic hurricane season, but perhaps not in a bad way (for a change) although that statement is still a work in progress. Ever since La Palma began erupting, the formation of any new Atlantic storms seems to have stalled, right in what is usually one of its busiest months of the season. It started late (possibly due to the effects of la soufrierre, hmmm) but then swiftly ran through the alphabet again, (with a couple of record breakers among them of course), before grinding to a halt on or about the time when the Canaries eruption began. With a real life model to study happening right before us, forward looking scientists can monitor the atmospheric changes and possibly suggest a link between the rise in one anomaly with the fall of the other, implying volcanoes might be considereed anathema to such a weather formation. Maybe it is a temperature thing, maybe it’s all about the ash clouds, maybe it’s because of chemical emissions? We just don’t know enough to say yet since the game isn’t over. However, it’s an intersting link to consider which has been well connected by some clever boffins and so I feel it demands more observation. A pessimist might suggest that all that missing energy will have to surface somewhere else instead (in order for there to be some proper ying-yang balance!) and the noticable changes going on in the direction of the jet stream might be considered as another part of the bigger equation. Everything is connected, you know, the North Atlantic is definitely trying to tell us something and nature abhors a vacuum.

Another anniversary happening is that of the civil war in Ethiopia, 2CU today with no end in sight and if anything, just getting worse. The nobel peace prize winning president (who has also been accused of war crimes) has just announced a state of emergency for the coming CU in the capital as the rebels join forces against him. What with neighbouring Sudan undergoing a military coup suggests that their shared border might see quite the refugees squeeze as things progress further downhill for all involved. Despite the information blackouts, the famine predictions are rife and food aid simply isn’t getting allowed through by either side. Perhaps it’s time for America to step in and restore some demockracy. The lack of any latest locust information being reported on from amid the warzone is quite understandable.


Its the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

We have all seen a few ‘end of the world’ movies where the good old US of A will always come up with some marvelous plan that saves the world from this weeks episode of impending doom. Morgan Freeman is the ususal choice to play president and his speeches will be that ones that will unite the globe to common action against the coming threat. You know the score, tv screens across the world as a global audience tunes in to hear him tell us about the bad news.

For this exercise, imagine if you can that YOU are now the president of the United States of America, and here is your opening scene.

This afternoon you had a meeting with the head of your ‘science people’ who told you some rather bad news. Let us pretend that this time there is a comet coming, a big one, and it is on course to do for us what it did to the dinosaurs. That it will hit us is now confirmed beyond a shadow of doubt. They have run countless tests using all sorts of top secret technology and this much is now assured as fact. It is far too big for us to destroy it, or to alter it’s course in any way, and they even have an impact date. Halloween, 2073 about midnight GMT. Long story short, this end of life event will be happening in round about fifty years time but the bad news has arrived on your watch.

Now, having this ‘secret’ information demands a response, and so you, as POTUS, have options about when to do your duty. First up, you will say to yourself that 50y is a long time in the future and your first thought is that you’ll likely be dead long before then anyway and so technically it isn’t going to affect you personally, and it’s not going to ultimately be your responsibility come the day of the comet, but rather that of some future president who might be alive today, but is currently just an unknown schoolboy who is still wearing short trousers. So one option might to bury the report, along with all the scientists if necessary, and do nothing. Leave it all for whoever wins the election after you to deal with and to carry on as if nothing were wrong.

Option two is to hold urgent secret talks with all the other global heads of state, (yes even the rusians and the chinese) and to start about thinking about the various strategies to ensure the survival of mankind and perhaps begin planning underground fallout shelters or even comission an evacuation into the only place that might be considered safe….Outer space. A fleet of International Space Arks might be designed and built in the dwindling time which remains to give hope in the form of a chosen few who can carry the next generation of mankind into the future etc etc, you know the story. All it needs is a compliant workforce working in total secrecy to construct said arks for you who will then, of course, all just stay behind to wave them off as they chosen few with their golden tickets depart to watch the end of the mankind from afar.

Option three is to summon a global press conference for tomorrow morning and to promptly inform the rest of the world that we are all going to die, that all of their hopes and dreams of life over the next half a century, will ultimately amount to nothing.

Other options are available of course but you can see that the problem has become a question of When, not How do you break the bad news, knowing that sooner or later, someone else will be bound spot said comet coming and might decide to do your job for you. (That won’t make you look good, will it? but then again the whole USA will be history soon, so who cares?) Sooner or later, this news will come out, hat is as inevitable a fact as the threat itself, and surely the more time everyine has to prepare for the end the better, right?

NO! Fifty years of rioting and lawlessness and famine and despair is will be what you get, followed by armageddon, and that scenario won’t dig you any underground bunkers or build you a single working space ark.

And even if you did decide that it would be the honest thing to inform and the global populace ot their doom straight away and trigger the inevitable fifty years of war which will begin the day after your speech, there may be others in high office with their own ideas who would rather that you didn’t cause such a pandemonium at all until their own private spaceships were ready to go.

What is the right thing to do? What is the responsible thing to do? What can you do?

What date during your four years of office will you choose to inform the world of your bad news?

Take your time about it, you only get one shot at this to get it right, but remember that the cosmic clock is always ticking… and Winter is coming.