‘Now is the summer of our disco tent.’

How’s it all going wherever you are? How is the road to Tinuë? How’s the weather? Hot in summer and cold in winter is my ususal boat answer, are you feeling that too? You should. Pay more attention to the weather…

We have now moved into June, the plague numbers are thin on the ground but Boris’ big Solstice celebration was cancelled by the scientists playing their last card. But now everyone is getting all gee’d up for their freedom as they watch us black sheep with envy and wish they were just as free. Still, bit by bit the sheep who have been adequately dipped are being let out to play (until September, when politics returns again) But half of the lilvestock are now too traumatised to come out of their pens, and so it begins. Sheep Wars, coming to a venue near you. You should make the most of it whilst you can, go out dancing, speak to folk face to face and remind yourself how to smile. Use this time wisely.

I re-entered society at Jaq’s wake, Wonderful lady. My teacher. My dancing partner. My best friend. Save me a seat under the willow tree. Her last gift was to bring the gang back together once again, and that was no mean feat considering our combined age now. I used my time wisely and called for a second reunion at Koz which received a unanimous take up, and then some. I have ecently returned from SRS (under fun police conditions) where our independence day weather gave us a dragon, or possibly an out-rider of the apocalypse, it’s hard to tell sometimes. Remember these days well, hold them tight, we aren’t even halfway (quite) yet.

Sock Puppets

Lammas is now looming and Kozfest has worked it’s magic once more. I served up some primordial soup earlier and still buzzing a bit I fancied unloading my latest thoughts about the state of the planet, too. Today Israel announced this winters jab3 program as an actual thing and Biden chose today to put his foot down on Americas compulsory Jab2 program promising that ‘you don’t have to die’. play it again Joe, everyone dies and you are trying to market death. Test Test Test!, remember the mantra. Perhaps there is something different about the Pfizzy stuff The AZ jab is clearly not doing what it said on the tin with their promised efficacy figures failing to emerge over here.

In the war camp, US involvement is ending in Afghanistan and the next destination for the warhorse will be unveiled on or around 9/11…. fires are smouldering everywhere these days, Africa is looking likely and South Africa is on the troup carrieres route home but my money is on Ethiopia and the rift valley come the end of the day although following a presidential assasination, Haiti might be considered a bit closer to home if they must restore some demockracy somewhere.

Meanwhile in the UK we have just been thrown a bone. Boris has gone on holiday and even bunked off a week early on Javid’s ping ticket, a situation which is ludicrous considering he first encouraged us to avoid it like the plague, then he caught the plague himself back in Easter 2020, then he rose again on Easter Sunday. Despite his now naturally gained immunity he still had both of his single dose jabs, and has now he earned the right to be still considered a threat to others and so has still been forced to isolate himself once again. The system clearly doesnt work like they tell it. He IS a threat, yes, but not nearly as bad as some dictators since he has also allowed us peasants to all have one more summer off with him to do as we see fit, a situation where we all can judge each other over a pint without any recriminations before the summer ends and the boot comes back down again. Boris is, of course, only a little sock puppet and he is not all that frightening as puppets go. Puppet Patel, however, who is awaiting patiently in the wings will not be such a fluffy bunny.

In other news today a long lost letter to father christmas has been recovered from a chimney (which is clearly the most important thing to inform the universe about on every BBC news channel they can!) coincidentally, I discovered a half started introduction (see top^^^) in my own publishing pipeline and so I will take that as a good omen. The report deliberately included some added stress on the line ‘going to receive a new cowboy outfit for christmas’ which, to my trained ear, is a different sort of code announcing the plan for for a future changing of the guards event. When Matt Handsock got thrown under the bus you could see the real hand at work leaking the necessary incrimiating evidence. Pay no attention to the man behind the sock. Replacing the health secretary with a banker was a bold move in the great game which has led to the full implementation of freedom dayUK, wresting it away from the SAGE mob, and opening us up just in time for Kozfest (nice;0)).

The Economy is now going to be the new direction that our overlords wish to sail the good ship UK towards, bucking the global trend once again and giving us the hilarious situation where as far as covid is concerned, the UK is now the new Sweden, which was always the only sensible course to take as I called back in the year of the Joker. I will therefore award Boris the bronze medal for getting there eventually which may rise to the silver if Tanzania decide to replace us in the covid wars in a straight swap substitution. That works fine for me and my preferred outcome, but the woman in the gauntlet is still a frighteningly possible destination for us come Yuletide.


How many times have you heard the words ‘since records began’, or ‘record breaking’ recently when they are talking about extreme weather these days? Trust me, it happens’s a lot! Those of us who follow such things will connect the Texan winters polar vortex with the Canadian summers heat dome and be able to draw a very nice ying yang image from the temperature graphs of North America. This is clearly not normal and the worst thing is that it was only June when August is classically the hottest month. As I type today I can also add a report of an Alaskan earthquake measuring 8.2 ! but that’s a horseman of a different colour as is the hurricane season which is running a bit late. In Germany and Benelux it was the floods which broke the records, quickly followed by China. The earth is moving much faster now and another icelandic eruption is also looking possible over in volcano corner. One image I can conjour is of Sisyphus having pushed planet Earth up his mountain, and then watching helplessly as it rolls over the apex and begins to gather speed and hurtle out of control off down the far side. That’s us that is, that’s our home, it’s already out of our control and no amount of promises about putting the brakes on in the future can stop this fact any more, tipping point has now passed (on may 3rd, 2020, 5.00 gmt imho) and it’s downhill all the way. 42 months later and we should clearly all see the start of the end. Fifty years after that !!! and we will have our answer.

Be excellent to each other.

One thought on “Summery”

  1. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.

    Six months to the day after the Icelandic Volcano first came to life, and the Canaries do the same. Six months exactly. Now month’s are a very man-made number, it might help to avoid thingking like that and just call it half a year, because it is, and that’s now a very natutral way of counting earthtime. One half of a full spin around the sun. Furthermore, if you think of things sideways on, this is the number you get when you take all the ammount of day in a year plus all the ammount of night in the year and divide the sum by two. C=(D+N)/2
    This cosmic equation is the correct way of thinking about time, you can count on that. It is also the number I incorporate in my 4-horseman watch and it’s nice to see the universe agreeing with me. Tick goes the clock…Again.
    That measurement might well go on to define spring and summer in 2021, we shall see. But put a mark in your Volcano diaries for March the nineteenth, 2022.

    Other catastrophes since I last spoke include Hurricane Ida tearing right across North America and bringing the worst floods since records began to New York. On top of that wehave the big 7.2 Haiti Earthquake, rainfall on the heights of Greenland and forest fires raging all across the mediteranean.

    ON the war feont, afganistan was just an embarrasment for everyone. But those soldiers are going to be needed elsewhere else soon, our masters have a schedule to keep to and time is ticking. Tick tick tick.

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