Blame Game


I heard today that Demonic has crawled back out from under his rock to stab his best mate Boris in the back. With accusations abounding all the knives are coming out thick and fast following dodgy Dave being thrown under the bus. But Justice will be done, football’s not for sale and the horns are going up so it’s not all bad news. Half of the Uk has now been jabbed back into life meaning that the flu season is well and truly over as a headline grabber and that all means that it’s time for the boffins to go back into the box because folk want to start pointing fingers instead of needles.

Today is St George’s Day and the pubs are open again (just in time to bury the lizard king) flags are waving and the time of science is passing as the Age of the Blame can now take centre stage. Who did What? When? Where? and Why? Will fill our days as we wonder how they ever thought that they could get away with it. Things are going to get serious now,Pass the popcorn.

As all the good folk of the land have stopped dying of the flu and are allowed to go back to the new normal yet again so is the man on the street who is raising his voice to make himself be heard. All the old arguments will be bought out at this weekends demo’s as the resistance shapes itself up for a summer of protest. Down the pub we can now all stand face to face over a pint with those folk that we have been at loggerheads with from behind the safety of our keyboards. Just add sunshine and lager (or a visit from Keith Starmer) ‘and that’s how the fight started, cuntstable.’

‘May you live in interesting times.’

In world news, Volcano #2 has erupted in the Windies and it’s SO² cloud has reached all the way across the Atlantic which might prove interesting when the tornado season comes along! As another Earth day passes and with emissions back on the front pages, there is a lot of hot air about it seems. The war drums are starting to beat faster now, the red sea blockade, sorry blockage alerted the world to the importance of such things, (and who gained the most out of that ?) The Russian bear is making growling noises in the black Sea as everyone else expels ambassadors. Israel and Iran are getting a bit public, Jordan had a problem, Lebanon and Somalia still are. President Chad has died in battle, President Tanzania died conveniently and Ethiopia is still on information balckout mose and are looking at war crime charges with Eritrea. MayDay was the day that Trump had in mind to move his forces but Biden has postponed pulling his troops out until a much more symbolic 9/11 which has put their next invasion plan on hold for another season.

They think it’s all over…

Come the new flu season and the wheels will have moved around again and if you believe covid is now history then you are sadly mistaken. It’s always flu season somewhere in the world and I note with intrest that Israel has already preordered next wint’ers Pfizafix for the population and has also begun funding their own future vaccines program. I think they know that whilst the WHO’s little plague will not be going away until the fat lady sings which is a whole decade away on the agenda 2030 calender, and still another 30 months away by my own reckoning. A new normal with a mandaTory vaccination program is a frightning prospect but that is the future in which operation Great Britain is taking our island and all for the Greater Good, of course, Ivare Enim Euge. Now thats an awful lot of jabbing which you and your kids will be signing up for life to and since we are all know that buying British is best since brexit then only the Oxford jab will do so it’s AZ all the way . But before that needle becomes a hook you should all really consider the longer road ahead of us and ask whether becoming a Vaxxine-nation addict is actually a good thing to do or not? Choose wisely, you have a 50% chance of being right after all.

Code Delphi: End Here.

This week back in 2020 all things Tangle were starting to come to a point, it all got rather scary for a while but I won’t go into details but given the circular nature of the solar system another Changing of the Guard event happening is not to be ruled out. If you would like to learn the sort of things that you really ought to be wide awake to then I would advise that you keep a sharp ear to the radio waves over the next week and pay special attention to the BBC (who are, after all, the enemy mouthpiece) listen to strange stresses on weasel words which make you stop and think a bit more than you should really have any good reason to. It might also pay to watch out for any glitches in the matrix…and furthermore to the voices in your own head which should not be ignored.

IDK what exactly you are looking out for since I’m not technically a player in the great game, just an observer, but I can assure you that messages are, and will, be passing everywhere. Anything could happen in the next 7 days so stay alert (the world needs more lerts) and always remember that a week is a long time in politics.