interlude ~ Lock up

Signs of Life

It has been a year now since we begun our first experiment in locking folk up to protect them from each other for their own good and we are gettting pretty pissed off with the whole shebang now. One whole year of your life stolen and very little has been achieved, unless you are a Tory. On reflection it was a far better plan to have done nothing so drastic and simply promoted a more healthy lifestyle approach instead, but our glorious leaders told to all play the game, and it is a game, and you can be sure, and the machine is still rolling ever onwards towards it’s doom as all the little cog-wheels in the machinery of life continue to turn and turn in turn.

Spring has sprung, the Equinox has arrived and this date is seeing a repetetion of last March’s lockdown pattern as WWV enters it’s second year. The same things are happening all over again in week 10 and the numbers of dead are mirroring last years figures showing us that covid, just like the flu, is a predominantly seasonal problem which bodes well for the summer up here in the northern hemisphere. Future historians might point to these strange repetitions and label them as anomalies, but it is simply life times passing, just another tick of the great machine and since time is ticking I feel it’s time to take stock, for posterity, to comment on the shape of the world once more.

The time scales I have been observing so far indicate that things will continue to roll around in six monthly increments from now on. This gives us two waves per year and plotting such things on paper grasphs will display a clearly obvious annual sine wave progression with death tolls passing from high to low giving us alternate peaks and troughs as all things roll back to where they started from, and then plough onward into a predictable future once more. Mortality rates should remain at there highest during the winter months and so now that we have had a full years worth of accumulated data to analyse since covid counting became the newest game in town then this repeating pattern will become more and more obvious to even the most ardent tin foil rejectionist.

With two covid winters behind us now it is a pretty fair prediction to say that we should be in for another quiet summer on the covid death front although considering that the lastest variant has been blamed and named and claimed as South African in origin I will stand by last years predictions and call this Praetorian Flu as being officially recognised as the new covid XX. This one will likely be called the final wave by the boffins as they push for mass vaXXinations as the only way to save us but I believe that their shortsighted counting is out and so I still theorise that seven waves of doom will come and go before the end of things to tally up nicely with the seven seals that we can read about in the book of Revelations.


Douglas Adams fans will know that much has been written about the answer to life, the universe and everything and why his answer of 42 is so prevalent in our lives. We can also read about this number elsewhere in print as the book of Rev. predicts that ‘The beast was allowed to brag and claim to be God and for 42 months it was allowed to rule’ which is not to be written off as just a coincidence. 42 months is also the time given to the gentiles to ‘tread the holy city underfoot.’ Which gives us a second 42 quote to dwell upon. All of the days versus all of the nights in a given year was my own working of these numbers and I see nothing to alter my opinion so far, especisally as 42 is also the answer to the ancient riddle ‘time and times and half a time’ which translates into a minimum of (1+2+1/2) and when such counting of time is applied to solar years we get an answer of 3 ½ years, or 42 months. 42 ° North is also the point where the earth spins at the speed of sound which is far too deep to explain the full import of here today as some things simply cannot be explained in ink. Now this is all very interesting but without knowing where to begin your magical 42 month countdown from it all seems rather meaningless. However, some of us have had our eyes open for a while now and if I know my stuff then I can suggest to you that we are currently passing through month #10 (although it might be 16 if you prefer to start counting from All Saint’s Eve 2019 rather than Star Wars Eve 2020). Either way, these two dates will become annually significant to us as the future days pass us by.

Elsewhere in the world we have just had our first volcano erupt, up in Iceland right on the mid altlantic divide. The earth is shaking quite a lot at the moment and on the other side of the world, small tsunamis are building around New Zealand and there is even some rather (un)expected flooding going on in Australia as I type. The locusts got worse before they got better but it’s all sine waves from now and these things will come and go as their individual patterns merge and re-emerge but it does seem likely to me that the Red Sea is (once again?) looking like being the most likely battle ground for hosting the great divide when it comes.

England has decided to go it alone with its vaccinationalism program as USUK falls apart with the special relationship going underground for the next phase of the game and the Tories are instead driving solo towards their dream of martial law for all (except them and their cronies that is.)

A New Hope

The battle for all of our futures is now gathering pace as every day more and more of us are starting to resist the dark side that the new order encourage. Despite the encroaching gloom outside, the future is still bright and the future is golden, you can hold onto this thought if things get too overwhelming again but that particular piece of the future is still a long way off yet and so it’s only fair to admit that things will still continue to get worse before they get better.

Vaccine wars are raging with the failing AZ $nake OIl stock being propped up by the desperate tory media but the market confidence is still low and it’s going to be bronze medal at best for them come the start of the next flu season when the wheel turns again and vaccinated folk start needing new booster jabs to survive as politics and profifs fight for the the power to provisionally protect the paranoid peasants again come covid21.

That the latest covid variant is being called the Praetorian flu (in my house) doesn’t bode well for the Southern Hemisphere and this summer the wave should reach down to 42° South. Oceania has moved itself into a state of self enforced global isolation and it is unlikely to ever consider re-opening it’s doors whilst the plague is still at large any time soon as they seek to keep the flu from spreading into the lands down-under, and thats what the new normal looks like for us all, lots of little pockets of segregation dotted about the globe each one wary of the next. Have your vaccinationalism passports at the ready, which one did you get? Does it work as well as mine? and is that answer just as valid in your destination? This is the future for international travel which is not a bad thing in itself if we had begun it a year ago, but we didn’t.

We the people are, however, now starting to wake up to all the lies at a much faster rate than before and I like to think that this wave of realisation began in earnest around about the winter solstice as these universal dates do seem to reflect big changes in our overlords operation tactics. Such a traditional timetable is only natural for us to follow when we are also dealing with a global view and once again the Spring Equinox feels like a changing day as I see the patterns dictate a shift in the gears once more. Things seem just a litle better today as the latest news here is all about the rise of the rebel alliance as Spring ushers in a new wave of resistance to the imperial stormtroopers.

We can expect the empire to strike back against protests with the implementation of it’s newly granted powers, and I expect the second boot to come down when the resistance begins in earnest, on or around May, Mayday, or even May Day. May the 4th be with you.

Each passing day more and more people are making the realisation that they do actually need to do something before it’s too late, that they need to choose which side of the path they wish to walk upon be it light or dark, that of being told what to think or that of making your own decisions in life. The first jab is unlikely to kill you, that would be counter productive, but it is setting an unhealthy prescedent for the future of mankind and that path can only lead to disater. We were all following along the same path once but now those days are gone as the path has forked, and there is no going back now and so every day since WWV begun in earnest, more and more folk are waking up to the truth and are crossing the line into what the media calls ‘dangerous’ conspiracy theorist thinking terrorTory, aka anyone who won’t do as they are told is classed as an enemy.

The good news is that once you do cross this line you will not be able to step back over again, ever. That is the way that revelation works. Reciprocally, as every day passes and our numbers swell, the other side is numbering less and less, parity is coming, and after that will come ascendancy. Its only a matter of time. You have a one-way choice before you, to stay over there in the dark with your comfortable lies or to cross over here to the light of the truth, all welcome, the more the merrier and remember that entropy always increases which means that come Ragnarok there can only be one result. The other side don’t realise that yet, just like you didn’t know it yesterday, but this answer is a foregone conclusion in my opinion and all it takes is time. Don’t worry about how long as it’s always shorter than you think and there isn’t any prize for being the first or the last to cross so long as you do so before it’s too late. Once you do take that step you may then find yourself bemoaning how long it is taking all the other slower ones to come around to your new level of thinking, but just ask yourself exactly how much bullshit you swallowed before you woke up and smelt the coffee and remember that we will all be in the same boat come the final battle.

That will do for now, I want to get back to my faerie stories and so I will sign off here with the hope that you all find the strength and courage to enjoy your summer to it’s fullest potential. Make the most of the sunshine whilst you can and don’t forget to eat your greens and do your homework. SYIAF.

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