interlude~Yule Log

Interlude ~ First Quarter

Ok, a lot of what I called in grey matter has already come to pass and so an update seems in order. There is a lot of activity going on in the world right now, but listening to the media everything is all a foregone conclusion and we are hearing about absolutely none of it. Major players are making big moves behind closed doors. Expect casualties! Knives are coming out and sacrifices are being prepared.. metaphorically speaking, of cause. With the US, as predicted, in denial, the losers in the first round would appear to be the US red and the UK Blue alliance. This is very bad news for Trump, Bozo and Daemonic who had put all of their eggs in the wrong basket. The prize for the first round includes to be be given first shot with the fabled magical lacillium, The infalliable cure to all that ales you, anaward which will put the winners in pole position for the second quarter…the time of science. There is a lot to be said for being first at anything, and the American scientists are the first to be let out of the traps (implying that they had the cure all along). As I type you should already know about the second SSsnake oil claimant with its new improved formula , there will surely be a third, and a fourth, and the one which will have Made in China on the label. Which one will you get?

As far as the UK cure is concerned Daemonic’s hot tip (AZ) might get a shot at some point but it will be a long way down the official starting grid, and that is why he has been booted out of the game in disgrace. (never trust a tory!) And then Bozo gets shuffled into isolation, too! (His plague test will be declared negative, of course, because They wont admit that you cannot catch the plague twice since doing so would be counter productive to their cause. Selling someone elses snake oil isn’t as prophetable as selling your own, and think all of those potential customers the world will lose.) So the good ship USUK is currently on the rocks, which means we can expect a change in tactics.

In Other News…

That the US is likely back in the hands of a renowned war monger is not exactly good news for the future of the planet, but then that news is still not official. Given that the US are so proud of their democracy then the rest of the world should welcome any delay for a full and honest investigation into any potential election rigging, on either side, by those fbi folk who are best equipped to do so the most thoroughly. If nothing is found, then that’s proof of a good job well done. But if vote rigging does turn out to be an actual thing, then we can hope that some interesting paper trails may be discovered that might lead back to any of the vote riggers inc previously happy customers of this most undemocartic of practices.

Belarus for example has spent the past few months as an example to the world of what can happen and it is both the medias and the rotw’s leaders widely accepted belief that the belarus election Was fraudulent (not that anyone is doing anything to put it right). So who do we believe when it comes to power grabbing? Of course, you cannot really compare the USA with BelarUSA as they both use different vote counting systems. In fact across honest Europe, only two countries share this same Belarussian model of ‘first past the post voting. Corrupt Belarus and the democratic UK. Which pulls britain into the election fraud investigation as a possible accomplice. So is it at all possible that there is a potential link of a paper trail triangle that will , via belarus, connect the doors of both the whitehouse And of no.10? Stranger things have happened…

Radio Silence

So in what should be the most important time in the game for lots of accusation and in depth investigation the media is reporting absolutely nothing. It is generally accepted right across the board that US=Good and BelarUS=Bad. Just when it should be seeking the truth, it isn’t. Something is happening here, what it is aint exactly clear, but something important is going on behind the curtain. (Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain), something is going down…right now and One side must give… there can be only one.

In the second quarter, politicians will have had their time, science is now taking over centre stage as the business of buying and selling your favoured priduct is the new best game in town and so we can expect a reasonably quiet period of waiting for six months totting up the promises of snake oil salesmen. In the UK brexit is approaching the finish line so its out with the old, in with the new. Expect a change at the top with lots of Knives in backs and shock announcements. Civil war indeed, And the hand behind it will be the FOI.

One other rather visual part of the great game is happening in Ethiopia where they have decided that having already built a ruddy great damn to piss off the neighbours and despite having put up with its own dose of covid to boot now is a ruddy good time to begin a civil war! They have also suffered the plague of locusts more than most during the first quarter and famine will surely be their next problem in six months time. Keep your eyes on the horn of Africa over the coming weeks. It’s all happening there.

If the stellar portents are anything to go by then the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the very day of the winter solstice is going to mark a rather big shift in the shape of things. The ten days of darkness have been mentioned by some, and the rosy fingered dawn,too. The Mayans chose this day, if not this year, for the end of the world giving it further credence. Will there be a bad moon risin? It is said that Death rides a pale horse and behind him came the hosts of Hades. Watch out for the worst case scenario and you will be closer to the truth.

The overrunning Atlantic storm season is devouring its way through the greek alphabet now and it shows no signs of slowing down. It might just be my poor interpretation, but as I see it, the later in the year that these storms appear, the more southerly they are striking land meaning that its all going South, literally. The Oceans are restless, Enki is rising, and ElNino is awaiting in the Pacific. Will the two powers come into play together? , well… watch out world is all you can say. (How to destroy the world? Hmmm complex question. I would suggest in my best tinfoil hat reckoning that this would be easiest done via the agency of polar shift, but that will take a much longer post to fully explore the nature of that game.)

That’s enough bollocks for one night, its late and my batteries are low, but I wanted to get something out, no matter how rushed, so I’ll wind this up now, before I sign off though, I will add that part of me half expects the fabled day of reckoning to coincidentally, of course, coincide with Storm Omega and the smart money is on all of this coming together on Yule 2020.

Tinka xXx

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