Grey Matter Matters

Grey Matter

At the end of the day, every single thing comes down to a choice between two things, black and white. No matter what the subject, folk will assume that if you don’t agree with them, then you disagree with them, and therefore (accoording to the other camp) you are wrong. However, that argument only works on one level at a time, and so if we were to ask two peoples thoughts on three different subjects then statistically speaking, you should find that the same two people will agree two times out of three questions and disagree on the other which will make the diffence between them a third, not a half giving us one third black, one third white and one third as a grey area. The finer you tune the machine, the more complex the possible answers become. There will always be one part each of pure black and pure white, but everything else will always result in differing shades of grey, thus proving that grey matter matters.

This ‘need’ to be either for or against something is where our problem lies. No two individuals will ever agree on everything. That’s what makes us different. Come the end of time it would have proven much simpler to be for everything instead of against some things, the two sides of that argument have the same merit but one is complex and the other is not. Don’t draw lines, you only halve the potential whole and that leads to introspection. It you do choose to go smaller and smaller until, eventually, you will discover Xeno’s principle and disappear up your own arsehole since entropy always increases. Accepting everything as valid is a far better ideal and is far easier to achieve in it only takes one action, Si a todo, and by committing yourself to that path you will eventually achieve a form of oneness which is found at the opposite side of the tinfoil compass from chaos in the place where all the Zero’s never existed. Now I realise that most of you will never understand any of that, but… if you do ever reach a place where you wish that you knew what the hell to do next, remember this if you remember nothing else. If you find yourself drawn between Jupiter and Apollo, I would suggest the correct course of action is IO not OI.

Ok. that’s the mad stuff out of the way.I feel better that it is at least written down now and those who need to know it will find it someday. Those of you who are seeking the conclusion to book three can, if you wish, spread the word that I’m going back into Pat’s books for another reread. It’s about that time of year when we first discover the Waystone Inn in Notw, and the scenario over there is not dissimilar to that of our world outside today. It’s all going to shit there too and Koye knows that it will all end in tragedy. Winter is coming, times are hard, the Bentons are losing their sheep and folk are taking to locking their doors at night.

I miss writing my ramblings, it’s a full time thought process that crystalises the mind wonderfully and makes it all worth it in the end. So I have decided that, perhaps, it’s time to pick my up my pencil and notebooks again and return to my study of Lanre’s schooldays. It has been difficult… even dangerous to concentrate too much on writing fantasy fiction this year, what with all the real life distractions going on that needed some addressing. So instead of writing, I’ve spent the summer reaquainting myself with the contents of my library. All the secrets in the world are hidden in stories you know and right now, folk need answers. I also miss the joy of writing something that I was proud to put my name to. My theory crafting skills have evolved into more than just a hobby, it became my way to express what I see on the inside of my head, and to write it down in a form that might one day be understood by others. It’s what kept me moving onwards, and so I shall, somewhat reluctantly and probably quite slowly at first, step back into Temerant and see whether I still have the necessary skills to string a few Yllish knots together into proper fan-fiction, tales to tell around campfires on long winter nights, stories of Lanre, Illian, Felurian, Taborlin the Great and Kvothe the Bloodless.

However, before I head off to dust down Old Holly again, a few prophetic lines about the shape of our world really ought to be written down somewhere (here) for posterity and since I have the right tools to attempt that task, I will.

WWV Watch

Outside of my boat window today, the grey city is receding and the autumnal countryside beckons. When I first started to see the shapes that the universe was forming, and the way that things were heading, I first tried to warn a few folk. Some of them listened politely, although they prolly thought that I was clearly stark raving bonkers, but they were my friends and so they did at least listen. ‘Something is coming’, I said, ‘something big.’ I don’t know what it is exactly, but I sensed that somewhere, at some level, a wheel has turned another notch and something that had been slowly crawling (like a worm in fruit!) had crept a critical step closer to its conclusion. ‘Get out of the middle of things’ was my advice to everyone back then, ‘stay small.’ That was the gist of it, I said it then and it still holds true today. Of course, this is the Cassandra complex in action and so I didn’t expect anyone to actually understand me, but Some of them even listened enough to take do just that and it’s not too late to join them. When it does all kick off , it will be in the city centres where it is felt the most.

The world outside has finally gone mad, The weather is breaking all records, the Arctic circle is on fire, the South Atlantic is anomolous, and the planet is going yin yang before our very eyes. Trouble on the streets is rife and everyone, everywhere is frightened. Despair is the word which fits the general mood the best, its all downhill from here onwards and with every day that passes more and more folk are realising that this down-hill trend is heading straight into winter. The nights are drawing in and there is little left for anyone to look forward to anymore, which is depressing us all much more than we realise. There is no joy in the world any more. The powers that be are stealing our freedoms from us more and more with each passing day. They are stealing all of the hope.

In the UK there is nothing much left to look forward to in 2020… except winter (it will be long and cold whispers despair into my ear) But there is still time for one last hurrah that would usually be celebrated before November begins. Hallow’een.

Something Wick’ed This Way Comes.

If there is any pattern to be discerned in 2020 then even a blind man could understand the joke that this should be the exact day of the year when everything will explode in a hubble and bubble of boil n’ trouble. The UK will be under a blanket lockdown by then, no doubt about it. The poorest are feeling the worst effects of the pointless diktats and a bad year the hardest and all across the atlas, lines are being drawn …battle lines. Not only the borders between England and Scotland and Wales and the Irish but England itself is splitting itself into two. The City of London V’s the rest of us. I can foresee a frontier being drawn between the north and south, a line which passes right past my window. Bristol-Coventry-Grimsby. Them and us, the have’s and the have not’s. Them down there and them up there. HS2 is link between the city and the frontline… the road to hell, all being fast tracked by key workers whilst we are hiding away from Covid.

Looking across the turbulent Atlantic, the US will be electing it’s next president with the poisoned chalice as the prize. They are all mad to even enter the fray this year, I mean would you really want to inherit a pandemic? You can only lose and go down in history as the man who fucked up the world. Despite all the attention it inevitably draws, nobody has voiced the opinion that it will undoubtedly hinge upon One question: Should we (a) carry on trying to defeat the plague or should we (b) give up and accept the consequences. That will be the line of division that voters and fake news will decide, and tbh, now is a very good time to get out of politics and go retire to the countryside. You also just know that whoever loses won’t accept the result peacefully. Civil war is looming…on both sides of the pond, indeed all around the world trouble is brewing and what better time of year could you imagine to officially kick it all off than on what has always been the scariest night of the year.

All Hallows Eve has nothing to do with Harry Potter. It stems from the Old Celtic calendar where it marked the last day of their year. In the bastardised version of the christian church calendar, it is so named because it is falls on the night before All Saint’s Day. Now, every religion has it’s saints making them pantheological beings, and all of them are revered as being holy and good incarnate. Awarding all of these multitudes of saints a special day of their own to celebrate on is only correct behaviour in a goodly society which we like to think we live in and this practice is one which all religions should therefore adhere to, However, for every saint, there must by default be a sinner (there must be balance… and I am typing this during Libra time!) and these ‘sinners’ will also appear in all the worlds religions, too, usually in the form of devils or demons or frost giants or whatever. Even the Tehlin church hosts their official seven days of high Mourning where Demons are given license to terrorise the neighbourhood. Since history is always written by the winners, and that means good triumphing over evil, the saints represent the light side, then their long vanquished foe is perforce counted as being the creatures of darkness and remembered as a reminder of the power of good. But time passes and if these dark folk are perhaps not as Vanquished as some might like to think, merely banished until the correct portents align again, then there is a reasonable chance that they might return some day, must do in a universe where anything is possible, and so they are still rightly remembered as a part of the history of such things as a warning to future generations and so deserve their share of remebrance time, too.

officially And so it is that the dark side of life are remembered during the dark of any given Halloween night (which also has a full moon in 2020…of course) and the dawn that will follow it is the moment when we usually see the new light of All Saints Day. Sounds simple enough when you split it up like that. So… if this year Is turning out to be the special year when it all comes around again then I would bet you a jot on this being the correct day to officially record the arrival of hell on earth, or hades, the word that was assigned to what was following the fourth horsemen. But before four comes three, and so history should record that the age of war will now also begin.

Winding Up

( Halloween 2019, Wuhan, China witnessed the closing ceremonies of the World Wargames convention (yes, such a thing exists, try wiki) . Which is, obviously, just a coincidence, but since I don’t believe in them when I am put on my tinfoil helmet I will bet you another jot that this historically spooky date had been deliberately chosen by the bunch of powerful leaders of international armies for just that reason, despite such folk having likely no interest whatsoever in childish pagan customs. Alternatively, it was ‘just another day’ a 364-1 chance. However, I propose that this date is significant to those who actively know about the shape of the world and thus understand the importance of being in the right place at the right time with the right tools to play their games. If this were a game of cluedo then the winning envelope woud contain Pestilence, in the War Room with the Virus. in other words, this where your time machine needs to point if some time in the future you wanted to go back and stop it from ever happening ( 12 monkeys stylee). The location of the inauguration ceremony that saw covid19 first unleashed upon the unsuspecting world… Biological warfare at a military level, all done at the command of higher powers unknown (henceforth called ‘Them’) as the opening roll of the dice in their latest global WarGame. WWV.

This also sort of lines up in a wonky sort of way to the end of the world by linking pestilence and war in the same halloween horse box. 2020’s box will therefore mark the first anniversary and thus be the date that will also unleash the remainng two horsemen of the apocalypse upon the world, aka Famine and Death. (see previous post)

Fellow tin-foilers who have made a study of different portents suggest that the Winter Solstice will be the big day in question, and I’m fine with that line of thinking being very significant in the same way that covid19 was only announced to the world on New Years Day 2020 and not on it’s likely birthdate of Oct 31st. Confusion and chaos are their tools in this war of disinformation. Last year, they left it until the latest possible date available before naming it covid #19 (so as not to spoil everyone’s xmas no doubt) but covid 2.0 is going to be a horse of a different colour. Everything takes time to grow before it becomes undeniable, even cell division begins small and grows exponentially, and so come NYD 2021 a repeat wave of easily recognisable ‘we’ve been here before’ will visit the UK in the declared form of our long awaited No Deal Brexit, and then our particular version of the famine can start making the headlines in earnest (though nobody will call it that…obv).

Hopefully, the whole ‘end of the world’ won’t happen for quite some time yet, and if it IS going to happen in my lifetime then I damn well want to be around to watch it from a front row seat (I might further stick my neckout and say we are currently looking at only half a year per horseman … which is all of the daytimes versus all of the nights during a single spin around the big lightbulb… a 50/50 equal split of black and white, aka 6 months each = 3 ½ years total and only one more year to go until the floods and volcanoes begin in earnest) Pass the popcorn.

p.s. If you are still worried about catching the plague remember that there is nothing you can do about it. The US elections ought to be decided on one important question. Do you want to accept that it is beyond mankind’s means to cure this thing or would you rather persist with the insane belief that we actually can… despite the fact that we still haven’t even discovered a cure for the common cold yet, Of course, it’s not a single issue election, but fundamentally that’s what it is going to boil down to. Grey Matter Matters. You are given three score years and ten, use them wisely instead of thinking that listening to ‘duck and cover’ tactics will actually save you when the time comes. Stay safR this Hallow’een, nothing is what you think it is anymore, and the eye of the storm is watching over us all.

Tinker, Snail and the Mogs xXx

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