The Wicked Messenger

‘God, I never know how much to tell you people. If you don’t believe me, you’ll think I’m crazy. If you do believe me, you’ll panic and be worse than useless.’

Hi folks, well we’ve managed to make it through May without dying, although things were getting rather scary at one point (May 3rd @1700 gmt qv.) So much has gone on since last time that writing everything down in one piece will not be possible, this, then is a simplified overview which I can analyse in smaller chunks of tinfoil during any later installments… once I discover how that can be best achieved. The view from my front door today shows me everything I expected and predicted is coming to pass. England’s elected rulers have been fast-tracking the process of seizing complete control over the population by doing absolutely nothing productive in the messiest way imaginable whilst keeping the entire population arguing the toss with each other over insignificant details instead of taking a united stand against the ever growing fascist domination that only advances their masters own personal agenda. Still, it’s early days yet.

The rest of the world has moved into collective app-oplexy as the keyboard warriors become overwhelmed with all the conspiracy theories and fake news merchants as they slowly but surely begin take off the blinkers and begin to realise that WWV is a war of disinformation that is being fought, right now, all across the WWW. As unlikely that statement may at first sound, If you have been paying wider attention to this PANdemic properly, rather than your own personal problems going on in your own backyard, you may have already spotted this to be true enough, although some things are still not exactly what they might appear to be at first , second, third or even fourth glance. Sometimes you have to go totally off the deep end and look at everything to find the same universal patterns lurking behind the truth of such things and believe me, the truth is far, far stranger than fantasy fiction.

Speaking as someone who has made an intensive study of spotting tinfoil patterns occurring in fictional fragments of unreliable texts with regards to mythical inventions in works of supposed fiction his hobby in life (and is rather bloody good at it I might add), here is my latest report on life the universe and everything in the form of an announcement, the words of which some of you should recognize for what they portend, and it should give you some small understanding of my views on the shape of the world at the moment. Simply put, The End of the World is Nigh.

We have all recently born witness to what one novel virus can do to mankind’s collective state of mind. Covid19 has ignited in us an irrational fear of dying. Furthermore, we have irrationally adopted a universal belief that we can all be miraculously cured or immunised against it by the concerted efforts of various clever and important boffins around the globe, all working in concert and whose solemn duty it is to save us all from an early grave. Armed with our unwavering belief in our own importance and omnipotence we all happily accept that simply magicking up some man-made cure is obviously well within our collective capabilities, and as soon as we have all partaken of this magical snake oil we can all go back to being our normal, immortal selves again. The majority of us also believe that we have elected an honest Govt of upstanding characters who have promptly assembled a specialist panel of top boffins who all know exactly what they are doing in their specific fields. We trust them to listen to each other, and also to all of the clever research scientists who advise them, and they all promise us that they can and will deliver this miracle, soon… if we would all just sit down quietly and obediently in our own personal waiting rooms and do as they tell us to do whilst they do it, all in the name of the greater good. Ivare Enim Euge.

Unfortunately for all these fantastic intentions, the world does not speak with one voice about what the correct answer and procedure might be. This is actually a pretty good description of the Tower of Babel in action if you think about it, and that didn’t work out either. Powerful people in diverse countries have taken their own individual approaches (usually based on economic forecasts) and every one of them is pretending that they know what’s best for us all. Everyone has a different opinion on what best to do next, everyone is following a different path and mankind as a collective species is fracturing into disparate pieces all arguing with each other. Many of the seperate pieces are saying ‘trust us, (and only us) to lead the world out of this mess, we know what is best, for you, don’t listen to others, they are telling lies and spreading fake news, do as we say and it will all be over by christmas.’ Of course with the power of the internet at our own fingertips we can each judge for ourselves about what is and what isn’t working, what we shouldn’t or should have done, where we should be aiming at being and by when, where it all came from, what the official and unofficial data says and whether it is all truth or lies, information or disinformation, organised chaos or deliberately mis-managed idiocy. Everyone has become an expert in their own household.

coVeni, coVidi, coVici

The message from my household is that we never could do anything about it, that noboby ever could fight a plague and so all of the empty words and numbers and predictions and speeches and facts and figures about what exactly we are all supposed to be doing to make it ‘normal’ again are no more than a protective mask to cover up the fact that the first wave has simply been passing through us obliviously at it’s own pace, and that it is slowly going away again all by itself and making it’s way uninterrupted onto it’s next destination following a path which nobody seems to understand. And all of the assorted panic and lockdown culture has provided the masses with a convenient distraction from what is really happening to the planet.

Whether you believe Covid19 was man-made or totally natural not is a question for next time, but for now, it is here, we have no cure, and the infamous ‘second wave’ that many top boffins are now predicting is looking pretty much a certainty. Personally I predict that there will also be a third and a fourth wave, maybe even more! Unlike the boffins who only believe in one focussing on one problem at a time, I believe that each wave will differ in it’s wordy description and that the wave of covid-pestilence was only the first pandemic that we shall have to endure before the end.

The picture which I see unfolding before us all in 2020 suggests that we, as a people, are approaching an Extinction Level Event. I also believe that some people (assorted glorious rulers, various religious bigwigs, the bilderberg mafia, the notorious new world order, the illuminati and not forgettingg some few mad old tinkers) are currently aware of this, and in my personal opinion (since there is sod all that I can do about it) I think that worrying is a pointless waste of time… and time is ticking.

Telling people this news isn’t really meant to be my job since I’m not the one who is running the country. BoZo should make that announcement, or perhaps one of his panel of top boffins who really ought to know about such things. Perhaps they are all waiting for one of the worlds big religious leaders to stand up and make an announcement, after all some folk have studied the ancient biblical texts about the breaking of the seven seals and such things, but religion has been remarkably quiet recently, just when some folk need them the most, and there has been nothing about any ‘second coming’ revelations reported in the mainstream news

In the nicest possible scenario, ‘they’ appear to have all arrived at an understanding and are in agreement together that the best possible approach to avoiding a Real panic situation on a global scale (compared to what we currently have) would be for them to only break the bad news to us as slowly and as gently as possible, by only informing us about the individual pieces of the puzzle as they appear before us, one at a time announcements so as not to scare folk too soon. This ‘softly, softly’ approach is probably very sensibly thought out and an easily understood example of doing things the right way all for ‘the greater good’.

In the lesser nice scenario, the ‘catchee monkey’ part, is that they simply want us all locked up out of the way for when they finally break the big bad news to us. The first wave was the widely reported virus, and the second wave has likewise been upon us for a while now, building itself up quietly in the background, all small and un-newsworthy, whilst everybody was being distracted by the covid headlines. The signs are all quite visible though, if you know what you are looking for.

Fabulous beasts and where to find them.

The first appeared on a white horse, the second on a red horse, the third on a black horse and the fourth on a pale horse.

The four horsemen of the apocalypse appear in the book of the christian bible called The Revelation of St John the Divine of Padmos. (other prophets are available, the Mayans for instance supposedly knew a thing or two, Do Your Homework and then you will know more that I do.). This is all classical prophecy concerning events surrounding the end of the world and like all prophecies it could never be translated accurately into understanding because, at best, it describes a purely hypothetical scenario in that it only alludes to the possible signs of the times which unreliable sources claim are leading up to to an unknown future date-event, and without knowing when that date might actually be, we cannot examine this unlikely event’s importance any further. Short of actually being alive during the exactly correct point in time to actually witness these events unfolding before us, we cannot really extrapolate very much more from the written word than anyone else in history ever could have.

In tinfoil triangle talk, it means that we only have this single bent prophecy pin-in-the-ground to work outwards from. But, and nothing good ever comes after but, if you go and look outside of your own window right now, you might just be able to convince yourself that you can see some tinfoil links of your own forming between things.

Riders on the Storm

Classically speaking, the number of warning signs we shall receive that ‘something wicked this way comes’ is the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The first of these four heralds is usually described to us as representing Pestilence, who is also described as wearing a crown (corona) and holding an arrow (*complicated*). Now pestilence is a Name and and describing a name adequately and accurately using only simple words like ‘virus’ is a bloody difficult thing to do. Words are small things to define big names with, inadequate and contradictory, yet the clever boffins up at the modern day tower of Babel don’t consider this an important factor and interpret this name in most the acceptably technical way possible as Covid 19. They don’t use the word plague, or pestilence, as scientifically speaking it is a novel corona virus. However, to interpret the signs correctly, we need to group things differently… and this is where things start to get messy.

Instead of being specifically referring a plague as being the same thing as a virus, you might argue that the ‘pest’ part in pestilence makes you naturally think of referring to a swarming insect, such as a plague of locusts or possibly even symbolic of an image of blighted crops (Pale Alenta brings the blight!) You could make a case for any of these words being the best one for labelling as pestilence, and many more no doubt, but covid is not the only thing bad in the world today.

If you are not too distracted by the UK demic and turn your attention to the bigger picture you should use the WWW to check up the latest on the locust reports which have been emerging slowly from all the lands around the north-eastern rim of the Indian Ocean. There you can read all about the great locust swarm that has been ravaging its way across the fields since February whilst the developed world had other things to panic about. It was thought of as being rather bad back then, the worst swarm in 25 years they said, but this wave is getting bigger every day and it’s about to break. It started down in Uganda but has since moved up and around to devastate the lands around the Hook of Africa, some report mark it as crossing into southern Asia, and it is on course to hit India next where it will go through their grain fields like a bush fire . The term ‘biblical proportions’ might be too inadequate a description of this swarm’s nature.

Whatever you may believe about the origins of the covid virus being man-made or not, this wave of pestilence is undoubtedly a natural occurrence, one that has been bought about by ideal weather leading to perfect hatching conditions. This plague of locusts, might also be best described being as a sign of pestilence and thus be a second contender to vie with corona19’s crown as far as correct descriptions and wordage goes, but the inevitable blighted crops which will surely follow are an image which can more easily be attributed to Famine since once the swarm has eaten everything in it’s path, there won’t be much of a harvest in autumn 2020. This is all happening on top of the interruption to the harvest caused by the enforced lockdown implemented on the field workers due to the virus. Looking at this bigger picture we can now see that designating which sign best goes with which prophecy will not easily be decided. These portents have a knock on effect and with hindsight, history might easily misconstrue them as belonging to all signs or none, but correct labels are not really the problem, they are words for future historians to argue about and right now all we need to know is that they are here and, just like we have discovered with covid19, there is absolutely nothing that mankind can do about any of them. Famine always follows Pestilence, such is the way of things, and there isn’t much we can do to make it better. We could still make it worse tthough, that much is easily within our grasp, and factoring in the signs of war will exascerbate the equation further so just be grateful that we haven’t quite descended to fighting each other yet…Oh!!!

As I look out my window tonight, June 13th 2020, I see dark clouds everywhere. The strange weather patterns alone should give the doubters and naysayers pause for thought. This year’s global picture has become far to coincidental for all these things not to be related. Pestilence, Famine, War, Death. The path we are all treading is becoming clearer and cleare, and it will not end well. The clock is ticking, the sands are running out, the storm is upon us and change is coming.

don’t follow leaders… and watch your parking meters’

The facts are that there Is covid19, there Is a plague of locusts, people Are fighting in the streets and fingers Are getting itchy on triggers as the blame-game begins to dominate the news whilst the shadow of death looms large on every horizon. And following in the wake of all this is meant to come hades, a useful enough term for all the pan-demonium which is now spread wide across our planet like hell on earth. My personal interpretation of these un-coincidental links tells me there can be little doubt now that the prophecy of the four horsemen, who announce that the beginning of the end is at hand, is going on outside my window! Armageddon. Götterdammerung. The Apocalypse. The Twilight of the Gods. The Return, The Antichrist. The Rapture. The Great Awakening… Call it what you will, it’s all the same thing in the end, and the time is, apparently, right now!

Sorry to break the news like this, but someone had to do it.

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