Sent: Meant to Arrive

Here Be Dragons

Hello fOlks. Well, it appears that the Great Game is afOOt Once mOre, the Great Wave is here to drown the WhOle WOrld and there is n0thing AnyOne can do about it. Stay SafR, This is fOr Real! Sorry for being so blunt, but it’s true. I won’t explain why, *complicated* but in short…the plague on the 42°N parallel is flying down to 42°S now for the new Spring bounce. I have a good bead on it and the wave is now building through Indonesia, to Ceylon and onwards to Praetoria and the hOrn. And, for the first time this year, the good doctors at WhO have actually called out this exact same pattern. (Which is prolly a good clue to follow.) I don’t know the Why… Yet, but I’m 99% positive that the When is upon us all Right nOw!

Big tings are happening thick and fast across Our globe as the various p0wers in the w0rld play their 0wn little games with Our lives. Lines are being drawn, plans are being fast-tracked, and in England, these lines mainly include the m25 and hs2 although Brizzle, Brum and PoOl are also important. We are also getting 5g and are testing vaccines on human guinea-pigs, but don’t get me started on that one, Just….D0n’t !

Low Earth Orbit is also getting cr0wded… Lots of strange lights in the sky tonight, There is a comet coming called the swan (the NARK) and we are seeing LYRA again in all of her glory.

All the major pieces are n0w being placed on the board, every player’s hand is ready because it’s n0w or never… So, I’ll bet you a jot that the Uk’s version of what will be called WWV starts TomOrrOw.

…and if it don’t then I’ll take off my tinfoil hat and stuff it up my arse!

SO, Today is Earth Day. April 22nd 2O2O , Brightest Blessings to everyOne of yOu everywhere around the glObe. Peace, Love and Bubbles xXx

Tomorrow, in England, it is St Georges Day, and that’s the UK’s start time, it is also a religious ting. Tomorrow is also the start of Ramadan, which I’m sure you all know is a movable feast which in 2O2O lasts from April23 for 30 days until May23. These Are Important Dates For Your Diaries.

Earth Day is a human invention and ED2O2O just happens to be the 50th anniversay of it’s inception in 1970 (when i was 2!) g00gle it to find out mOre clues…

St George’s Day is a human invention, it belongs to the Church at it’s roots. In Dracula, StGD eve is likened to the day before All Saint’s, and has all the same forbodings of evil as Hallow’een does. Nov1 2019 is actually my best guess as to the Birthdate of the plague. But these man-made names are just fictional inventions . However, fiction meets fact when we look to William Shakespeare, who not only wrote of St George in his plays whilst he was alive but also this ‘Saint’s Day’ denotes two things that are beyond the control of mortal man. He not only manged to die on StGD, (which could have been via deliberate actions of course) but he was also Born on StGD, something which was the province of a much higher authority… and so we can perhaps begin to see the edges of things coming more into focus.

Ramadan is also a religious thing, but at it’s true origins are buried among the phases of the mOOn and One important mOOn in particular. It’s date was already written in the stars long before Man crawled out of the Primordial sOup, and anyOne over the course of history since might have told us when Ramadan2O2O would actually occur… if they thought that it was important enough to tell you…or not. But they couldn’t change this date, or do anything about it, nobody could. This date was always writ large in the stars. Ludis, as I like to think of her, is the ultimate drawer of tides, and so, by default, the origin of all waves. King Canute couldn’t hold back the tides, nicely demonstrating that a man CannOt fight the mOOn.

It is my belief that Ramadan2O2O is also the date the Mayan’s reached in their equations so many moons ago. And this date is n0w our TomOrrOw!

You won’t listen to little me of course, it’s the Cassandra Complex all over again, but One day in the future, hOpefully, I’ll be able to look back at all this over a pint with you somewhere nice and say ‘I tOld yOu sO.’

If you need me then you can find me, tinkering away up at the New Castle mOrtOn, or down at the New/Old Quarry! Stay SafR, fOlks. The stOrm is nOw! Love, Luck and Light Ø Tinker Tangle, Sn@il, and the mOgs xXx

That’s all there is too it really, although there is sO much more to it than that.

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  1. The storm s certainly upon us , hold tight! we are going into the light away from the darkness forever … there will be no more dragon slaying, we will be freed .

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