The Year of the Joker

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The Rhetoric

Hello all, and thank you in advance for all the birthday blessings, 52 today eh, that’s enough for a full deck of cards, so this must be the year of the Joker!

There are so many things I would love to share with you, but that wish never was plausible, it is far too big a task to contemplate, not even on a good day could it be done, and nowerdays, every day sounds worse that the day before.

I could tell you that we are all going to die, but whilst that is undoubtedly true, most of you would argue that it shouldn’t be your time just yet. Well the news for you is that the rules have changed. I could tell you that Some of us are going to die ‘before our time’ and that would be true, too, but we have no way of stopping it from happening and it still sounds too morbid a thought to dwell on. So I will, instead, tell you with absolute certainty that most of us are going to wake up tomorrow, and tomorrow is another day.

But what is a day without joy? It is a waste of time and none of us ever knew how much time we ever had left to waste anyway. Joy is knowing that there is absolutely nothing that we can do about it, and so why give in to worry? It’s a selfish attitude to take, perhaps, but worry destroys hope and hope is what keeps us going. Hope is The Stuff of Life.

One thing is true and that is that we have currently been given a unique opportunity to reflect on how things really are, and we should use this time wisely. Everything that you took for granted has been taken away from you, like a parent taking away a childs favourite toy. Nothing seems real to you today because it all feels quite wrong without it, but that is just tradition talking. Tradition says that you should be allowed to live your life as you see fit. It is a lesson that all men must learn. To use our time wisely.

Do you really think this thing will be over soon? You are wrong.


If you take the scientific approach to these the things you should understand that develoing a cure will take as long as it takes, like the cure for the common cold did. No cure is coming until we understand the enemy. It needs to be studied for at least four full seasons before we can even begin to see the edges of it, anything less would be folly. Test! Test! Test! The WHO scream from the rooftops and the world sort of listened, so listen now and test test test your hypothetical vaccine before you kill yourself with ‘the miracle cure’. We are in this for the long term.

From a mathematical viewpoint Testing Takes Time. If our godawful govt achieve their latest dream of 100,000 tests a day then it would take 650 days to test everyone in the UK. If they continue at a more manageable 10,000 a day then it would take almost EIGHTEEN YEARS to test us all.

I could go all Geography on you and explain that a global phenomena works on a global scale and instead of looking at borders we should look at the lattitudal pattern of spring blooming, the northern hemisphere progression and to factor in speed of sound for good physics, too. If I did you might be surprised to hear that the answer is in fact 42°N. But that’s prolly too technical to explain.

Whatever the studies tell us is actually immaterial. At best they will tell us what has already happened, which is of no real use to anyone unless you are thinking of writing a book about it afterwards. History is bunk!. History is written by the winners. Churchill said that, but it doesn’t really matter which leader you follow, opinions will always differ and all solutions are unworkable with 100% efficiency. The only way to achieve that level of certainty is to follow our own BoJo’s original line of thinking which was possibly his first original thought, he has studied the classics after all and a plague is not a new thing. His team of special advisors, however, had other ideas on how to use this to their own selfish ideals. ‘Only knackers profit from a plague’ is an old line and true, and so began the death of our civil liberty. History tells us that the only way to deal with a plague is to look after your own general level of health and keep your fingers crossed. This is akin to admitting that all containment plans are futile and is accepting that death will take his allotment come what may and so the only real plan of attack is to carry on as normal.

The Dutch are on board with their own herd immunity program, and whilst the dutch people are taking their hit, yes, they are treating this new version of ‘what might just kill me today?’ as a fact of life. What they are doing in theory is using death as the prize in a reverse lottery. Everyone has been given a ticket but nobody really expects to win. Of course, there is nothing to stop any scared dutch people to refuse to play the game and instead to do the full self isolation thing, if they so desired, but there is nothing to stop them from going back outside when they couldn’t take it anymore and to take their chances either. At least they won’t get hit by a bus staying in their houses.

More importantly, in my eye, the ever pragmatic Swedish have also decided to ignore it, and therein lies true wisdom at work.

Next Level Thinking

If you believe that this virus is a completely natural occurance, then following the Swedish and Dutch approach is the only sensible way forward since you cannot hope to fight Mother Nature. That has always been the way of the world, and we forget that at our peril. One small group of humans have been championing her cause rather vocally, visually and recently, warning us all of the dire consequences of all our selfish actions if we do not change our ways. And yet they were ignored as cranks and misfits and as ‘a danger to the fabric of society’ as fools and idiots who have no understanding of economics… as if money is somehow more important than health! It is not.

Unfortunately for society, these geeks, nerds and autists are also geniii. These are those who pass quietly through the world and who after a productive days work, go home to tinker away in their little sheds foran hour or two on plans and inventions and ting that you cannot possibly comprehend the scope of (see MENU) And we are quite capable of achieving extraordinary over-thinking patterns to overcome unsolvable problems.

Today, the whole planet has been forced to change their ways and no amount of money can do a damn thing about it. The dollar is dead, it just doesn’t know it yet, but it will, and everything it stood for, all the greed and the power and the wars will pass along with it. As a result, the planet is already showing some early signs of actual healing. Pollution is down and despite all the masks, people can breathe easily again, life is at last being allowed to flourish, as is it’s right, and the wounds we have inflicted upon our world are now starting to heal… just as XR said it would if we all just slowed down, stopped flying our toy aeroplabes all over the place and to just let it heal itself.

Corvid-19 has done what Extinction Rebellion could not do. This makes them the only group in the world to actually gain from the virus actions. They are seeing their fondest desire come to pass, they are achieving their global dream, and have also gone rather quiet…too quiet you might say, Just like Greta has, Greta the Swede. Greta the Autist.

Now I have no evidence to suggest that this tin-foil theory has any weight behind it, but as an autist myself I have long been a student of the science of un-coincidence, and I am exceptionally good at what I do. Those who can see the furthest are those who understand the most. I myself approach problems in extremelogic with an open mind, and I am not alone in this understanding of things, perhaps you are one of us too?, it’s a gift, not a curse, don’t believe the fools who will never know any better, and do not follow them for they do not know the way. The earth will gain from this, and that is the future that is now writ large for those with eyes to see. I firmly believe that if any one group of Nature’s children Was responsible for releasing this new virus on the world, then that group of quiet and clever people will be the Autists who live among us, those who have minds that can evolve past the ordinary and see further than those who are blind to the truth. Autists are visionaries, Autists understand the way that correct society is designed to function together, and if the world still refuses to listen to sense, then someone just had to step up to the task and make them listen for their own good!

Creating this thing was not beyond mankind’s power, and whetheror not it were not a natural occurance is completely immaterial now, it is here, you cannot fight it and the result is always going to be the same. Some of you are going to die from the flu.The world will not thank them when they come out of this on the otherside, hence no announcement of guilt or involvement will be ever forthcoming, retaliation is an ugly thing. They are not terrorists with demands, this is simply a necessary action taken against the planet as a whole for it’s own good, it is not an attack against any small insignificant part of it, (although America’s stranglehold on society will have been most effectively broken). Understood correctly the plan reveals that CV-19 will heal us all. The world just needs to hold it’s nose and take it’s medicine and then to sit down and properly reflect upon it’s previous actions and inactions, and to what the future now holds for it. It promises a world without excess, a world where we look after ourselves more, a world where everyone is valued and respected, a fairer society, a better place, somewhere that we can be proud to call ourselves part of.

And, even if it is proven that the XR rebels were completely innocent of any such involvement, I still salute them on achieving their ideals without lifting a finger.

Ok, that should be enough to start a few wheels turning, but you know what? Nothing really matters now, the world is changing for the better whether you agree or not. Less travelling for needless reasons, less waste, less greed, more kindness, more joy, more respect.

Bring it on I say, the sooner the better, and Time will prove me right.

‘I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.’

But in order for us to enjoy the Dawning of the Age of Coronavirus, our respective governments must not be allowed to twist things to their futile desires. Do not believe that anyone has the right to think for you, to tell you what to do, and what not to do, Do not allow them to take you back down the broken road to the broken past again. The future is bright, the sun still shines and the moon sstill dances, but life will never be the same again. A wheel has turned now, and there can be no turning back. Ever! So make the most of this unique opportunity and when the time is right, stand up and say so together, as one, Say No to social injustice, Say enough to isolation. That is not life, that is the road of fear and loathing. Start again and build a new future on the bones of the past and Don’t LET the Bastards Grind You Down. Change isn’t coming anymore, it is here. Make the most of it.

Myself, Snail, the mogs, the boats, the cars are all in a good place. We are living on the edge of things and are coping better than anyone. I will put in a shameless request now that anyone who wants to talk should download Whatsapp and message me anytime you want, Im here. Any other method is unlikely to be answered satisfactorily.

Signing off with love to you all, Stay Safe

Tinker Tangle


3 thoughts on “The Year of the Joker”

  1. That was an interesting read Matty. It has given me some understanding of you, your lifestyle and your philosophies on life. The problem with social media is that very often we know nothing about the person we are communicating with. A simple comment can be totally misconstrued unless we know the commentator’s background, life experiences and life philosophies. My life experiences are very much based around serious illness, both medical and mental. I have struggled with both kinds of illnesses to get to where I am today. Other immediate family members have had serious health conditions too. Thankfully, we have all been in remission for many years. The one person l thought would survive this pandemic was my brother. Sadly l was wrong. If l offended you it was because l felt that you were offending me and my philosophy of the sanctity of life. If you want to get to know me better, you can always email me. Thank you for sending me the link to your website and I will have a look at more of your writing.

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