Eightsome Reels

Back in the day, I did crosswords. Weird ones. It was fun playing with words and every weekend we would buy or copyof the Times and disappear with the dictionary for a while and see if we could crack this weeks setters code.

I even had a couple of my own published, and so I thought I’d put it on the wall. I’m not even sure I can do it again myself now.

You will have to draw your own grid. I’ll put a photo up but it’s not hard. On squared paper, draw the outline eleven by eleven and highlight the 25 squares of perfect isolation.

The Listener Crossword  No. 3642.

Which Way Up? By His Nibs

The letter used to label each clue appears somewhere in it’s nine-letter answer. This letter should be placed in the isolated box at the centre of a 3 x 3 square. The remaining letters (in order) should be entered around it (in either direction, starting at a point to be determined) so as to fit in with it’s neighbours. On completion, solvers should ensure they have correctly orientated the grid. E (a straightforward compound) and H (an American spelling) are not in The Chambers Dictionary.

A. A newsroom broadcast showing a female octet?

B. Hanging around empty barrel, cowpoke will need this

C. The Republic & Northern Ireland study peace plan

D. Prohibiting the breaking of bread on call

E. Research about extra page on archaic doctrine

F. Compliance of fighting men wearing armour

G. Beating epidemic, happening to be outside

H. Engineer helps row a cutter

I. I measure fiber (that’s no lie) o’er time when set in motion

J. Ex-PM’s joint army office

K. Nose about in front of book to identify engine noises

L. Turning down part of the curtains at the end of the year

M. Weather forecaster (Fish) tours Italian capital and outskirts of Trieste

N. One under pressure when working, found drug in police district

O. Navigate East a couple of points with leader of race

P. Crooked persons confined by the state? Yes and no

Q. Meticulous types led astray by Royal Society in pursuit of money

R. One who may have designs on your gear

S. Touring the Orient, SS Indigo sunk like a stone

T. Proof reader, one confused by old American poetry

U. Fight, trounce badly on points

V. With vino, acted strangely, showing horizontal movement

W. Flattering talk about religious fraternity we hear

X. Displayed outstanding coat for finale

Z. Time when man began to forge ahead? (6,3)

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