Hello again, Autumn has arrived and real life has been rather hectic of late. Perhaps a change of season will put things back on track but this Summer’s homework is now just starting to annoy me and so I think it now needs to be put down before it falls down since it’s all getting far too tangled to understand without a proper map to guide us. However, the map in question here hasn’t actually been drawn yet, it’s currently still taking shape deep within the outer limitss my rather overoccupied mind. However I can perhaps describe the edges of it somewhat in basic formatting and reveal that it should end up looking like a 4-corners spiders web… possibly one that needs to be printed in 3D to be appreciated properly. The first problem with producing such a webwork is that this map needs to be written down, not drawn, and since english reads from top to bottom, left to right, this limited 2D presentation pattern dictates how clumsily the end product must be built. It’s a lot like unfolding a house I suppose, or building a tinfoil compass!

When a spider builds a web it runs one single strand behind it as it traverses space and time. Weaving from one side to t’other moving up , down, to and fro until a basic many radialled star shape is revealed with one central node where all points meet. Spider step two will then ‘sew’ one (more?) long and continuous thread into a spiralling shape, now working only in one constant curve of life as it crosses in/out/on-wards , moving from arm to leg and leg to arm and in doing so it is creating junctions, or rather crossroads, and as a by-product it is enclosing many fields within the spaces where the radials meet the outer spirals arm so that the two (different?) strands can now happily and seamlessly intersect with the void.

I am not an arachnid.

In my ever evolving visualised form of the great map we must imagine that this web master can only produce the goods like an old fashioned vidi-printer used to do so to plot these weblines only in our two english standard writing directions, across and down. Rather like knitting DNA with one needle or perhaps weaving an interdimensional web portal using only two dimensions where DMspiderPat got to work with (at least) three!

\000|000/ + \00|00/ + \0|0/ +X +/0|0\ +/00|00\ + /000|000\









When fine tuning all these game pieces it is sometimes the case that the chosen path of the day is more linnear than at other times, hence some of the pieces stand up better than others do. On occasion I will find myself trying to build one of these crossroads shaped pieces that form where two different stories will come together from two adjacent orients, then do a little square dance together in the middle before they all roll onwards again, off across the compass rose to their next destinations in the grand pattern of all things Pat. This is why spiders have eight legs where us non-spiders will need to learn to juggle our four stories together all at once hoping that they will turn into a more positive and pleasing shape, but with only two hands to type with. And to add to all that, remember that this creation of mine is based mainly upon inter-locking triangles, not quadrangles.

This next piece is, then, the memory dump equivalent of that classic back at school essay entitled ‘what I did in the summer holidays’, an uncomfortable collection of four ideas which I feel are better off up on line than down and off of it, and I would rather know were up somewhere for my own piece of mind in case of emergency. For what you are about to receive I apologise in advance from the past, but in your future it might well be that by now all will have been further edited somewhat and also have the next (as yet unwritten) piece to help it all gel together better and hopefully it will make a little bit more sense… Perhaps.

These next pieces focus on the Adem. They are the strangest of all the races of man or mutant that we encounter and this tinfoil sextet are equally strange to take at face value. Stillness and silence are the heart of Ademre, something no barbarian could understand. Still, we can but try.

Tinka Tangle.


Talking of mutants, who is Sheyehn to judge who is human and who is not? the Adem line of thinking behind making babies (if true) would clearly make them biologically different from everything that those they call barbarians are known to be. Let’s pretend that it is true and if that is the case then this will be the best kept secret in the world and if this truth was ever to get out ans be more widely known then when the two races interracted it would be not so much a case of bloody foreigners but more like one of bloody mutants.

Our own (Terran) understanding of the science behind human reproduction follows the same Woman + Man = Baby equation (WoMB) that is practiced across the four corners and this method of reproduction is believed wholeheartedly by Kvothe, not least because he has been taught so by the masters at the medica. He has also studied the collected works of the Duke of Gibea, and Gibea rather famously did his own human anatomical research very thoroughly indeed. But did he ever experiment on the Adem? That’s a rather good question, to which the answer is ‘No’ and even if you think that he might have, how could cutting up an Adem couple tell you how their babies would be really made if they were only both still alive to prove it? It’s not a question any serious achademic would consider necessary to ask and so it would go unanswered. You can assume you know, but you can never actually know you know… at least not if you are a man you couldn’t!

Of course, as a secret member of Selitos’ Secret Order Amyr, Gibea should have already known the real truth that the Adem were, like him, secret mutants hiding in plain sight among all the worlds barbarians and since this would be exactly the sort of secret thing that a mutant order Amyr would be very keen to hide from any future human students by not writing it down anywhere. Such things have a habit of sneaking out and these days any such rumour would be reported to the masses as fake news, a reaction which naturally will plant a seed and this may lead to uncomfortable rumours of there ever being any truth to deny at all that would indicate any ‘alternative species’ to mankind being existant anywhere in the 4 corners. This inconvenient truth would, then, needs must be supressed at source to better protect both Gibea and his fellow amyr mutants own genetic secrets from ever reaching the general population.

This is a Big secret that needs to be deeply buried or better still, strangled at birth and in no way exposed to peer review. By Order! and so Gibea’s published work was then never going to be allowed to reveal this ruach truth to the world in any shape or form ‘for the greater good.’ This deception will assure us that he only ever wrote about human biology because, obviously, that’s the only kind of biology that there is, now, and ever has been. He certainly wasn’t going to announce to the world that he also believes in faeries if he wanted to be taken seriously and his written work has survived him to influence all future generations of human medica students down through the years since. (Thought for homework: perhaps he’s not even dead yet, maybe he’s used his immortality ticket and is still out and about somewhere today, still operating as an undercover agent of the order Amyr, someone like Caudicaus perhaps?? I wouldn’t put anything past a mutant!)

Gibea’s classic appearance to the barbarians must be considered to be like that of any standard Aturan native, possibly he bore a resemblance to the archetypal sinister magician that seemed to be a requirement for so many bad Aturan plays… But besides cutting folk up for a hobby he was also a Amyr and the Duke of Atur both, and that nations forces did indeed antagonise the Adem most specifically according to Kvothe’s potted history of the Empire which indicates that they, like the Edema Ruh, received some especial Amyr attention. Ivare Enim Euge. That word ‘antagonised’ used here surely means here that the noble Aturan army fought the army of grey eyed mutants out of Temerant completely in order to keep them from settling down anywhere on good Aturan soil (which in Atur’s opinion is everywhere), quite probably on the direct orders of the Tehlin Church, and not antagonising them further by operating on their corpses just to see what made them tick.


The Adem-women’s own genetic position is then rather suspect to say the least but it is not the only reference to a woman not needing a man-mother to give birth since Pat had already bought the subject of virgin births to the table with the tale of Perial the good. This means then that even such an outlandish theory as parthenogenic reproduction actually has two good Pat pins grounded in his valuable ink, which is twice as much as some theories that I could mention. The third leg of this triangle would likely be found somewhere within the question ‘how are faen babies made?’ but I’m not going to even attempt that answer today and so instead of us wasting time interrogating Felurian about such things it is time to polish up your alar again and just accept as fact that in Pat’s world the Adem women are 100% correct in their baby making beliefs because they are special.

Given that Kvothe has studied plenty of four corners medicine and has lived long enough to think he knows better than they do, that he believes in the long held medical benefits of chewing Silphium when having sex with Vashet to nullify his own contribution to this essential union and that he has never found any rumour of this strange A-Women phenomenon occurring anywhere else in the entire archives to make him doubt his barbarian belief, then we can be pretty sure that these A-women are a brand new discovery to modern science and are therefore completely alone in Temerant in their ability to reproduce asexually. (Lady Perial and/or Felurian possibly excepted)

This ability would mark A-women as a species apart in the eyes of all other Barbarian-women, even the ruach ones with their more purple bloodlines (see Blue) who must also now needs must rely upon WoMB to reproduce.

As far as the ruach angle goes, this means (at least since the modern day era began in1AE) that the Adem branch of the ruach women would never have needed any men of any kind for their reproductive purposes in order to ensure their ruach peoples future. As far as their part in proceedings goes all the men in the world, A-men and barbarians both, would now be simply an empty branch on the family tree, pretty to look at but essentially rather useless. A fact which could act like a wedge splitting the whole modern Adem race into two distinct categories: One gender which is necessary and the other… not!

So why do the A-women even bother to give birth to any A-men babies at all? What use are they if they have no part in advancing Adem? Why don’t they just become a race of self replicating A-women instead? A more complete half race without the need or desire for any male input whatsoever. Well you have only just connected their beliefs to the Aturan church’s miracle of the virgin birth and now you want the biology behind it as well? Two miracles in one day! Tehlu’s tits and teeth. Have you stopped to consider that perhaps they simply can’t do anything about it? even if they wanted to? It’s called natural selection. Women might be able to flower alone but they cannot conciously pre-choose the sex of their next baby and then nine months later simply ‘make it so’ more than any other creature could. Life simply doesn’t work that way, you get what you are given in this life and God alone knows the real reasons behind such things.


Because they are a civilized peoples the two adem sex groups have been bought up with some level of understanding of the lethani and so it is that all of Ademre is raised to know their allotted place in life, unlike the barbarians of the four corners who do not. At one point on their travels to Haert Tempi makes a fist to indicate the whole of Ademre, five fingers in concert of which, in his mind, he represents only the littlest finger. His other three (more superior) fingers he nominates as ‘friend, brother and mother. Sheyehn is the thumb to complete the fist but at no point does he use the word ‘father’ in his description because there is no Ademic concept of fatherhood and he knows that man-mothers simply do not exist. Tempi further reveals that he understands the lowly position of A-men in his society in relation to the A-women when he reveals to Kvothe that

‘Barbarians have no women to teach them civilization.’

a statement which implies that the civilized A-Men do have women teachers and this arrangement leads to full M/F co-operation and a society where nobody shits in the well. Kvothe noted that there were more women and children than he expected and this could indicate an unequel gender distribution to this mainly female society with the occasional manchild being the odd exception among all the young girls. When it comes to fighting, A-Women are just better and everyone knows that. Why? Might have something to do with balance I suppose but it ought to be something genetic for all A-men to never to be ranked as good as the A-Women are despite the exact same opportunities and training they have to be considered their equals, not to mention their greater strength and reach. Although compared to the A-women they are not deemed to be anywhere near as important to Ademre society, A-Men do have their uses, not least when it comes to sex where the female’s milking of a fine male anger (Vaevin) is a mutually desirable thing, and sex is a healthy and pleasurable pastime so long as they both of them realise that a heart is not a penis. At least these A-men are not like the largely useless and likely diseased human barbarian men with all of their own strange sex customs, ughhh!


‘Once there was a great realm peopled by great people. They were not Ademre. They were what Ademre was before we became ourselves.’

This is quite an archaic sounding statement , maybe because it is the first time that it has ever been translated into Aturan and so it might need reading a few times to understand exactly what it says. What it means is that whilst they are two distantly related groups, there is a marked differnce between the old Ergen Adem and their modern day Adem equivalents. If the modern Adem are modern mutants and know of some other peoples as mutated as they are, the rhinta like Selitos and his non-human Ruach Amyr, does this mark all the mutants as descendents of the faen shapers? That’s tricky, very tricky. One theory which might carry a little weight is Yes, that they are exactly that. To back up this very thinfoil I would point to a possible spotting of the Adem in our only accounts of the closing stages of the creation war between the namers of Ergen and the shapers who would (at some point) create the faen realm. There was a time after the namer’s victory at the Blak of Drossen Tor when Skarpi stated that ‘the empire’s enemies became thin and desperate’ which means that some last few pockets of enemy soldiers still existed in mortal and were still resisting the armies of Ergen to the bitter end despite being cut off from their faen masters upon the namers act of closing of the doors of stone.* (as yet unwritten 21/09/21)

Now, whilst we know that the Adem and their swords were also present at Drossen Tor, we are not specifically told on which side they were fighting and so it might possibly be the case that these strange mutant Adem fighting folk were actually the same people as those last few enemy soldiers still alive at the end of things. This would have been their desperate situation immediately before the fall of the seven cities which affected these few remaining shaped Fae-dem soldiers and the armies of man both in an action which tipped the whole creation war game completely on it’s head.

This rather unlikely thinfoil would go a long way towards explaining both the Adem’s non-human status and would provide a believable reason as to why these ‘prisoners of war’ (as they must now be considered to be) were later driven away from any mortal land they may ever try to settle down peacefully upon. This ridiculous tinfoil thought further tallies in with what little we know of the construction of the Adem’s earliest swords which are described as being ‘shaped in fire’, a description which makes them shaped swords, swords shaped by shapers, for shapers, and the shapers are widely regarded as being the evil enemy opposition force to those of the heroic namers such as Selitos and Lyra.

Now, Despite me being the one who invented this ridiculous theory, I’m not exactly sold on it myself for obvious reasons which leaves us with the only alternative option being that No! the Adem were Not Faen related in any shape or form and were just army of grey eyed mutants fighting on the same side as Lanre at Drossen Tor against the Daruna and Gremen of the common enemy. This option would mark the Adem then as being a recognised group of citizens of the empire of Ergen and this much more likely line of thinking would then grant the former Adem nation sovereignty over one of the seven cities of their very own. But which one I wonder?


If any of these latest lines of thinking are in any way correct then when combined with the coincidence factors revealed elsewhere in these pages then they will add to the pattern emerging in Pat’s precious ink which is now pointing the finger confidently at this unknown Adem city as also being the one city which remembered the lethani which would help explain why the lethani is still so important to them. Their city is going to be either Murilla or Murella, Or perhaps (incoming major spoiler alert) maybe even both cities were once considered Adem land!

The city of the A-men (which fell) and the city of the A-women (which did not!)

How can that possibly be? you cry. Well we have now established that the A-women have always birthed the occasional man child but had no need of man mothers themselves and that is not a new situation which can ever feasibly be bestowed upon them as a gift from the gods, meaning that it was something that these A-women have always possessed and which was Never Taken Away from them as unjust punishment for a crime that they didn’t commit. Remember that Tehlu held justice foremost in his heart and that he only punished the wicked.

In all the other cities, all the other Erganite women may too have once held to this same maternal reproductive pattern. But, and nothing good ever comes after but, the other fallen races have since had any such a god given gift stripped away from them by order of Lord Tehlu and his magic hammer all because of them and their peoples ‘forgetting the lethani’ which bought them all to the situation which they now faced.

If this was thecase then it was now only the single Adem Woman light which still shone as a beacon of hope to all those surviving ruach citizens who survived their own cities did fall.

Now their nearest fallen neighbours to still standing Murella would be the citizens of freshly fallen Murilla, folk who might be regarded as being from a seperate city but, at the same time, were always considered to be their same flesh and blood via the obscure twin connections which united them. It would not be such an unlikely thought that the A-women folk offered sanctuary to the A-men, and since their own city never fell then Tehlu never bothered to appoint them any priests.

If we take another glance over at my other summer works and factor in Skarpi’s lines about Ordal and Andan we will have an opportunity to identify their origins.

There were fifty sandy heads in the room, a few darker, a few lighter or grey with age…

This is Kvothe telling us how all Adem are blondes and so Skarpi’s description of her golden hair colour tells us that whilst Ordal most certainly wasn’t a Ceald she did at least have the correct colouring for her to pass the basic profile test for her being an Adem girl and so of a similar appearance to Celean which puts something on the table for my thinking of Ordal as having been born as a child of an A-women. We aren’t told the colour of her eyes but my Jot says that they were going to be of standard Adem grey.

‘And beside her came Andan whose face was a mask with burning eyes, who’s name meant anger.’

Every part of Andan’s Pat portrait also has an Adem element to it. His face being described as a mask is another classic Adem trait which can be compared to Pat’s general description of all Adem. His name meaning anger also tallies up nicely since all Adem names mean something deep and meaningful. Anger will only be one part of his three part name since All Adem are given a three part name and Tempi’s own name is said to mean Iron, and it means to strike iron, and it also means Angry. Which is a pretty good match to Skarpi telling us of the angel Andan’s name meaning ‘anger’ and whilst only the least of coincidences it is true and so we can at least puts something on the table to support this theory of Andan the Adem.

Andan didn’t actually wear a real mask, that is just a description of the expression on his face. He was in fact acting just like the modern Adem do to keep their feelings from their faces. All Adem keep their faces as blank as if they were wearing a mask. and No, Andan he didn’t really have actual burning eyes either. They were the only part of the man that this facial mask allowed him to show. He doesn’t have eyes actually made of fire, he’s not superman, he is just extremely angry but with enough restraint not to let it show upon his face. This is another tick in the box to show that in my opinion Andan’s eyes were in fact grey, just like Carceret’s really are.

‘ Then I saw her eyes. I’d thought she’d been angry before, but it was nothing compared to now…

‘I can not descibe how she looked. And even if I could, it would not impress upon you the truth of thinged as her face was still almost entirely impassive.her…

Those angers were like pale candles compared to the forge fires burning in Carceret’s eyes.’

A-Doption ( end notes for A work in progress)

So an A-Woman ranks above an A-man, and they are both of them rated far superior to any of the other barbarian peoples of the four corners. To any Adem, all others from every nation, be they poet king or bar room brawler, every single one of them is of an inferior species to people of Ademre, rhinta and tinkers possibly excluded*

so. is this a gift or a curse? Why are they so alone in their procreation technique, and how long has this been going on? Since the dawn of Ergen, back to their own original Adem and Eve beginnings, there must have always been boys and girls, the biology hasn’t changed in that way, and I can tell you something about those two originals, even the first A-man and the first A-woman, they both had grey eyes, no other colour has ever existed among their race as testament to their pure blood lines. And the grey eyed girls and boys way back then prolly knew they wouldn’t need any man mothers in later life either.

It’s hardly a curse, either. One less thing to worry about really its something theat all Adem women have always had, a relic from the blue blood of ergen which they alone still posess. They had it before, during and after the year 1AE when everyone else in the four corners had their names broken by Tehlu and his magic hammer. Everyone except for the adem perhaps? For reasons deep making them a special case, the exception to the rule. and they have remained to this day as unbroken erganites who still don’t need man mothers, unlike all the ruach barbarians who now, according to Gibea, do. That would be the curse of Tehlu then, that little bit of pain that he gave to them. They are now akin to the red blooded common folk, and they now need to mix with them to survive, However, the Adem learnt to cooperate with their men, but only their men, to make a pure bred incestual civilization made of mutants, superior to the barbarians and neither side ever forgot it. They remebered the lethani and this was of the lethani. Their women remembered the leethani, their twin city men forgot this, but the women took the men in and repaired what was once whole together again. The adem circle has not been broken, still whole. The Adem women city never fell. The adem nmen city fell, But the new barbarians kicked them both out of Temerant anyway simply for being different.

If the AW have never needed man mothers then where do all the AM come from, and more to the point, why! Clearly they spring from the loins of the AW, which would make them biologically equal, and yet they are less than the AW upon whom they rely for their continued existence. Without the women they would fail, yet they add nothing to the mix. This makes them almost a mistake, runts of the litter who are tolerated as sad inferior versions of the superior AW. Adoptions to the tribe who would have the same blood rights to their inheritance, even red haired ones. The next question is do the AM know this to be true? Kvothe had trouble understanding it because it runs against what he has learnt from his everything barbarian viewpoint. Yet AM has known of his part all of his life and he accepts it. The Adem have had this knowledge for ever, and it has always applied to them. Perhaps once it applied to all women, all 8 women I should say, but the link was broken in 7 of them as punishment or byproduct of them forgetting the lethani and yet only one remained as they were. Alternatively, that 1/7 were rewarded for following the lethani with this newfound birth giving technique by the gods themselevs, Tehlu perhaps for whom a man mother was also deemed unnescesary to his own mother Perial. Perhaps the wars of Ergen would be better off being called the Procreation wars?