Temerant (En Voistre)

These stories are like a tapestry of a rabbit hole with a line of breadcrumbs leading in.

One that has been carefully cut, and torn, and ripped and shredded and then… put back together again.

This rebraiding is very lovely, but underneath, secrets still lie. Gathering the threads with similar ends together makes things easier to feel, and retying them into a story knot makes things easier to see.

This is not ‘book three’ although foreshadowing is also an area for study. Think of this as a guide to Temerant, and of all the secret history therein.

What I have done is to gather together all the crumbs I could find and rebaked the loaf jigsaw stylee. The technical name for this sort of translation is tin-foil. It looks pretty, but all that glisters is not gold. I could try and rate things by their veracity and give it all some order, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and this is not going to be pretty. You are going to see some thoughts that you then can’t unthink, which might well change the way you look at things and thus your whole approach to the art of seeing. It certainly has mine.

I like to think that three is a lucky number because something with three legs stands up on its own. If you can find a connection between two points, that is good. But without a third point for a triangle, things are unstable and less dependable. Master Brandeur likes triangles too.

Probably the best advice I could give on how to navigate here is simply ‘follow your nose’ or perhaps ‘fly, you fools’, while you still can. There is a path through the wood which visits every room in the underthing. Trust me, I’ve walked them all.

You will probably disagree with my reasoning throughout and want to offer your own thoughts. Good luck with that project, any input is welcome but at the end of the day, I didn’t write this song for you. Just remember if you go chasing the wind, when you find yourself on an edge, caution suits the arcanist but assurance suits the namer. Fear does not suit either.

Boldly Go

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